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Chapter 9.2- Family Bonds

Matthew loves fitness

Irene enjoys playing darts

and going fishing

he also enjoys learning new recipes

Irene does some cleaning

Soon Ian is born. He is Athletic like his dad and brave.

Matthew is a very hands on dad who loves playing with his son.

He is also a doting boyfriend

Irene and Matthew soon got married

Irene and Matthew love having pillow fights

and playing table tennis

Ian is soon a toddler

Irene and Matthew are still as romantic as ever.


Chapter 7.7- The End

I got another promotion and now get to help people

I played some chess

I am becoming a great gardener

I went fishing

I told my friend they were having a boy

I did some reading

I did some exercise

I am famous too

Dad got promoted

as did I, I now get to work on peoples brains

I soon achieved my dream and now my family legacy is at the end, Farewell.

Chapter 8.1- Creativity

Bryson and Kathy started working on the next generation straight away

Bryson went to a class

She enjoys painting

Brandi watched a cooking show

Jarvis did some reading as did Hannah

Bryson worked on his sculpting skill

Hannah played video games

Bryson became Self Employed

Kathy played the guitar

Brandi cooked

Hannah and Jarvis had a pillow fight

Bryson got promoted

Bryson is halfway through the sculpting skill

Kathy was soon pregnant

Chapter 7.2- Summer

Dad loves to exersize

His hard work paid off and he got promoted.

Mum loves to play catch even with the robot

I am now a Teenager. I love making people laugh#

I got a job

I used the computer

I worked on my gardening skill

I made a new friend

I worked on my cooking

I started a garden

I had lots of fun at the Summer Festival

Robert did some cleaning

I did some reading

Chapter 9.4- Childhood

Val enjoys reading

Emil is the heir and like me loves to paint. He also thinks he’s a dinosaur

Val still loves to play with dolls

I had a day off and the kids were sleeping so I did some painting

I am doing great at work too and now get to patrol the streets

With the twins, I seem to do the laundry almost every day

Emil loves science even if he’s not that good at it and his experiments tend to blow up

He does also like to read

The twins are good at getting their homework done, I never have to remind them

Someone wrote a book about me and I got some money just to sign it.

I was promoted again and now have my own team to lead

The twins love to try to beat each other at video games

Chapter 5.1- Learning and Fun all in one place

I got a scholarship to study Technogly which is good seeing as I want to be a teacher and everything is online now. I said farewell to my parents and headed off to uni.

My family had enough money that I could afford a place of my own instead of the dorms, I moved into a one bedroom house close to my classes.
I still love to read and spend a lot of time in the book nook in my home looking at books when I am not at class that is.

I also like to go to the union building and socialise with the other students, I have met some interesting people here. I also like to play games there too and practice my lecturing skills for when I am a teacher.
Being on my own has improved my cooking. I had to learn or eat burnt offerings or takeaways.
I did see a werewolf transformation, I found it quite scary and fainted making me late for class.
I really love experimenting with recipes when making my meals now.
I have become quite handy too

I like going to parties especially at the fraternity, I have made some cool new friends there. I even met a Vampire and another werewolf, I didn’t faint this time
I don’t know what this lesson is meant to teach us
I love making pancakes for breakfast.
I have also met Mugsy and we have become quite close. he’s a jock but he does listen when I go on and on about comics so I think I found a keeper.

Chapter 4.9- Gigs and Promotions

I got promoted
Isabella practised her chess
Caroline and Matias still have a close realsionship despite the fact he’s a moody teenager now
I played shuffleboard
Dad did some reading
I got a gig
Isabella is doing great in school
Matias got a date for prom
Isabella pretended to be flying around the world on Misty her magic horse
Matias played in the sand
I performed my gig
I then made the dishwasher unbreakable as I am tired of fixing it

Chapter 3.5- Skills, Skills, Skills

I mostly have the boys on the same sleep schedule
Leonardo worked on his music whilst his brothers sleep
He soon mastered the skills
My boys developing their skills
My Boys mastering some skills
I did some exercise
Santiago mastered another skill
My boys work on their reading
I got promoted
I master logic
Santiago and his unique way of doing things
Diego plays dolls
Tickle time
My mum is quite the celeb.
The boys have done all their skills and mum is bonding with little Santiago.
This is Diego last book and he finished it just after I took this picture.

Chapter 3.4- Toddlers

My Aunt is now an elder.
The boys became toddlers. Leonardo is heir and will take over the family legacy when he comes of age.
Diego and Santiago love to babble at one another.

Toddler skilling, I love that mums around to help out. Teaching three boys to talk, walk and use the potty was hard work, I don’t know how I would have done it on my own.
Diego loves his toy boat.
He also starting working on his music. I want my boys to be the smartest, accomplished ones
Leonardo mastered the pegbox and Diego mastered the Xylophone.
Santiago started on his reading.
Diego loves using his fingers to eat.
I repaired the bath.

Chapter 2.14- Spring draws to an end

I decided to cook some dinner
I also practised my chess developing my logic skill
I got promoted
My older sister is dating yet another man
I did a gig
I improved my cooking
Seb played chess
Nicky did some reading
I went to the Spring Festival with the boys. We had lots of fun.
I played the guitar
I became an Adult.