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Round 13, Family 27- Chauhun 3

I got a job as A Musican
Helena got a job as a food critic

I practised on my new guitar

Helena cooked us some lunch

She also started writing a book

Helena loves Jazz

I worked on my Voilin skills

We went to the club and Helena reviewed some food and drinks whilst I played the Piano and earned some good tips too, Good because we are saving up to move to a good flat in the city.

Helena was soon promoted

Our brother came to visit and he and Helena spent a lot of time chatting. He loves talking about his wife and son Harlan. I had to leave for work so really didn’t get to see him for that long

Summer was really hot and I and Helena decided to have a water balloon fight

I worked on my Piano skills whilst Helena wrote another book

Helena has recently found Yoga and loves it

I soon got promoted.

We finally had enough money to move to this lovely home in the City. We bought it unfurnished and were able to buy some extra furniture with what we got from selling our old house. Helena started on her Yoga right away.

I found some music I like

I joined a club that my sister in law is a member of

Helena got promoted


Chapter 5.8- Being Unique

Melody and Saffron use the computers

The Pirate ship is played on

Melody repairs the downstairs bathroom sink

Melody and Sota play video games

Melody has a club meeting

The twins have a whole house to play with thier toys in but decided the best place is in the middle of thier mums club

Samson loves swinging across the monkey bars

Sota became an elder

Samuel is now a teenager who likes to clean.

Chapter 3.6- We can wash plates.

Mum and Son dance party

Rory does some cleaning

He’s doing well in scouts too

Aiden enjoys playing the violin

Dawn gets promoted, only 1 more to go

Rory needs advice

Aiden gets promoted too

Dawn mastered the science career so now we can have lights and indoor plumbing.

House makeover, Payton’s and Lyric’s old room is now a bathroom.

Rory soon has his birthday and is now ready to take on the challenge of bringing televisions, cameras, cell phones, and arcade games to the family.

Chapter 2.2- Promotion Train

Payton playing for tips at the park

Lyric and Payton got promoted

Little Dawn was born in the yard in front of the toilet

More Promotions

Just in time to as Little Dawn was soon a toddler

Telling Joke brings up fun and comedy

The only way little Dawn eats breakfast or any meal for that matter

Playing the violin

Lily doing flashcards with Dawn

Lyric got promoted

working on her talking

listening to grandma play the voilin

Chapter 6.14- Skills

My eldest decided to go into Politics

I decided to improve my strength and did a work out

I had to repair the dishwasher again, the butler is quite useless, at least he’s good at cooking and cleaning

I also improved my skill

Leo decided to play the piano now that our middle child is at school and not using it

Analia loves sports and is always doing something active

Savannah is a great student

The trash compacter is what decided to break next as one of the girls accidently put a plate inside.

Leo likes to search the skies for stars then tell everyone all about them

Dad loves to play outside on the water toys

Analia has recently started learning to cook at school and likes to experiment her recipes on us.

Leo did some working out.

Chapter 6.11- Prom

I enjoy playing outside especially on the water slide.

I also love to paint and with little Analia at pre-school in the mornings now , I have a lot of time to spare

I am doing well at work too and was soon promoted.

Mum and Sophia love to watch the game together.

Sophia went to prom and was voted queen. She was so happy and also had lots of fun too.

Whenever it is time for bed, little Analia despite being three now loves to hide.

Sophia has started to show an interest in pool and spends hours practising

She is a great help around the house and will even do the laundry without being asked

Luis, his wife and their son moved to a new home.

I think that Sophia just loves sports, she’s into darts now

Analia loves making music especially with the xylophone, she will bang on the keys and sing nursery rhymes as she does.

Savannah likes to pretend to be exploring outer space on her spaceship

Chapter 3.4- Toddlers

My Aunt is now an elder.
The boys became toddlers. Leonardo is heir and will take over the family legacy when he comes of age.
Diego and Santiago love to babble at one another.

Toddler skilling, I love that mums around to help out. Teaching three boys to talk, walk and use the potty was hard work, I don’t know how I would have done it on my own.
Diego loves his toy boat.
He also starting working on his music. I want my boys to be the smartest, accomplished ones
Leonardo mastered the pegbox and Diego mastered the Xylophone.
Santiago started on his reading.
Diego loves using his fingers to eat.
I repaired the bath.

Chapter 1.11- Making Money

1 (2)
Alex is doing well and brings in good tips
2 (2)
I got a promotion
3 (2)
Alex cooked some lunch for the family
4 (2)
Rosa played with her doll’s house
She also likes pretending to look through the blocks
Rosa still loves the xylophone and even sings now
Rosa soon mastered the skill
Alex fixed the bath
Soon it was time for little Mateo Birthday. He now likes to steal things, oh fun
He also likes to play Bunny Races
Alex shared some cooking tips

Chapter 1.9- Returning to work


Rosa like her brother loves to use the dolls from the doll’s house to chew on


Jammie has found a new hobby painting and can spend hours at the easel


Alex too still loves to paint and is developing his skill well


Mateo had found the shape sorter now Jammie no longer plays with it and adores banging the shapes on top of it.


Rosa got a creepy doll in the post from some relatives of mine.


She prefers to play with the blocks at the play table thankfully and that doll was used only once,


I finally went back to work, Alex stayed at home with the kids as we can’t afford a babysitter and I got a promotion.


I used the tv to work-out so Alex could go out and play for tips that night and improved my skill.


Alex improved his painting skill


Rosa enjoys making music with the xylophone as she sings. She really loves to sing and is quite a good singer.


I attempted to cook spaghetti and it didn’t go well.


Rosa decided to copy Matteo and play inside the toybox with the cars instead of on the floor.


Chapter 1.4- A choice to make


With a baby on the way and me on maternity leave earning a mere pittance in pay, Alex must play a lot of guitar to earn money so we can buy the essentials.


I spend most of my days battling nausea and watching tv to hopefully help my unborn child learn culture, I also sometimes watch the cooking channel for inspiration.


Alex is bringing in some money but not a lot of he goes around looking for people before playing and that way gets more tips,


He is becoming quite a celeb though.


He also received a promotion.


With lots of time on my hands, I have developed my cooking skill even further and have been experimenting with new recipes.


Alex finally made enough in tips that we could afford to pay the bills that have been piling up, whew no repo man to take our belongings


Soon Nine Months had passed and I went into labour, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.


Alex is getting better at painting.


Mateo is quite a calm baby if his needs are cared for and he really loves his milk.


I thought I was going mad one morning, when Mateo was about Six months old, when I heard babbling and giggling on the porch, I walked out there and I saw a little girl of about one, next to her was a cuddly toy with a note attached. I started to read it. Hi, this is Jammie, I named her after my dead boyfriend, he was killed when I was pregnant in a fight. I was kicked out of my family home and have been living on the streets ever since. I managed to get into a hospital to have Jammie and then two days later grabbed her and ran but now I see I was being selfish. I saw you and your husband and your little boy two days ago, in the park and I want Jammie to have that. I have signed Jammie over to you and I am heading to my parents, give her the life she deserves please and don’t try to find me. After reading, I folded up the letter and took little Jammie inside, I then called the authorities who tried to find her mother but failed, they asked me if I would like to adopt her or for her to be put in care. I discussed it with Alex and we chose to adopt her. Two days later whilst watching the news, we found out that her mother had drowned.