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Chapter 8.8- Birthdays

Gemma does some working out

She also uses some metal to sculpt

Matt enjoys being a dinosaur

and playing video games

Gemma has her birthday

and dresses for spring

Leo does some reading

The boys enjoy having pillow fights

Leo is a good student too

The house is decorated for Spring

Gemma repairs the bath

The boys work on their homework

Gemma repairs the computer

She has become famous

Matt is a teen with Star quality.


Chapter 3.2-Promotions

Shingo enjoys gardening

Carissa gets promoted

and masters fishing

She enjoys cooking

Carissa does repairs

Lila is born

Carissa works on the garden

She gets promoted

Lila becomes a toddler

She plays with blocks

Shingo reads her stories

She dances

Shingo does some cooking

Chapter 7.7- Achievments

Lucy is a very hands-on mum and enjoys reading with her daughter

Sally is a good student and always does her homework

Shayne is doing well at work and was soon promoted

Lucy soon mastered the cooking skill, all that practising before her marriage and the birth of Sally had finally paid off

Sally enjoys pretending to be a doctor

lucy gets promoted

She talks to her daughter about her taking over the legacy in a few years

Lucy uses the computer

Lucy masters the Fitness skill

Shayne loves to paint

he enjoys watching comedy shows

Sally enjoys doing science, experimenting and creating various potions

Lucy mastered logic too

Chapter 7.2- Dating

Lucy has recently started dating Shayne Fryers and they love having dates at the park.

Lucy still works hard on her cooking

and her logic

Lucy also enjoys grilling

Lucy and Shayne soon got married

Shayne got a job as a critic

He started working on his writing skill

Lucy got promoted

and did some exersize

Chapter 7.1-The New House

Lucy decided to move out of her parent’s house and into this lovely three-bedroom house in Willow Creek.

She soon got her dream job too

Lucy and her mum had a great time at the Flea Festival. Lucy got to meet some great people, find some great stuff and even work on her fitness.

With only her, Lucy worked hard on getting her cooking skill up so she could make meals she enjoyed eating

She still loved her exersize

Lucy raked some leaves

and used her gym

and trolled the forums

Round 13, Family 13- Nakamura 2

Carlos and Carina love the ball pit and can spend hours jumping in and out of it and throwing balls around.

Dad retired

I did some dancing

and some yoga

Halloween was lots of fun and the kids looked adorable in their costumes too. We even made some pumpkins too

Carlos loves playing with toys

as does Carina but she prefers the toybox

I enjoy reading stories to my daughter

My wife got promoted

Carina loves the new playtent

Carina was soon a child. She is Lazy

I decided to become a interior decorater

We took Carina ice skating, it took a few falls but she soon got the hang of it

Carina loves playing in the snow

I got promoted

Mum became an elder and retired

Carlos was soon a child too. He is hot-headed

He still loves the blocks table

Round 13, Family 12- Forest 2

Mum loves to cook

I did some more paintings

dad cleaned

He also Painted

went for a jog on the beach

and repaired the tv

Mum loves to show off in the kitchen

I got promoted

Mum repaired the dishwasher

I got another promotion

Mum enjoys dancing

I repaired the tv as my parents were napping

Mum and Dad died of old age within a few hours of each other

Chapter 2.11- Family love

Levanna did some recycling

Simon and Thalia are quite close
Martha enjoys cooking
Yoko did some cleaning

and some paintings, she has bills to pay after all

Thalia enjoys playing chess

Martha decided to take Winter to play in the pool despite the fact it was Freezing and snowy.

Tania enjoys playing the piano

and making messes

Levanna did flashcards with Winter

Thalia decided that a towel was a great outfit to play pirates in

The play tent is often used for naps

Winter finally mastered the potty skill

She enjoys playing in the tent

Yoko went into labour and Baby 71 Lakshmi was born, only 29 Babies to go.

Chapter 7.4- Toddler Training

Gregorio does some exersize with some help, there are plenty of people around to train him.

Arabella repairs the computer and Rebekah enjoys playing video games

The twins are soon toddlers. Gemma has blond hair and yellowish eyes and Grace is the darker of the two with her brown hair and orange eyes. They are both Friendly but Gemma loves the Cold and Grace is Easily Impressed. Gemma is the heir.

Grace loves playing with the shape sorter and is able to focus and keep trying before she finds the correct hole to place the shape into.

Willow started on her daughters skills right away. Whilst Gemma was napping, she helped Grace to walk.

and then started teaching her to use the potty

Both girls were soon asleep and Willow used the time she had to do some exercise

Gemma was the first to learn to talk and caught on right away and was soon chattering away

Gregorio enjoys cooking and is the main cook of the household, Most of the family prefer to eat leftovers or just use the future fridge.

He does help with the girls though and soon started teaching Grace to talk

He also loves playing with his girls ticking them too

Gemma loves to play with toys in the toy box instead of on the floor.

Gregorio soon started teaching her to walk too

Chapter 7.3- Family Bonds

Willow was soon expecting her first child. She found out while having fun at the Winter Festival.

Willow still likes to visit the local clubs and keep people noticing her.

Rebekah enjoys reading

Willow enjoys playing computer games

Soon Willow ent into labour, and the Twins Gemma and Grace were born.

Willow likes to keep in shape.

Waylon was doing a Sing-A-Gram when he caught on fire and had to find a shower to put himself out.

Willow is a very doting mum and adores her daughters

She mind melded with her mum

They also spoke about comic books

Willow also enjoys playing darts

Arabella loves being a grandmother and is always snuggling and playing with her granddaughters.

Willow has found a love of cooking and likes to experiment with different recipes.