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Round 14, Family 1- Frost

I cooked my family some lunch

We ate as a family and then our son told us about his day

Ginger has a fascination with being on the furniture

I got a job

I love debate

Rachel loves video games

I hired a butler

My wife uncovered and authenticated some artifacts.

Robert enjoys playing imaginative games with his toys

and computer games

Our new butler and Robert love playing chess

I took Ginger to the vets and got him some treatment

My wife and son play some chess together

Ginger is now an elder

Rachel enjoys dancing

Robert found a music genre he likes

I adopted Daisy and love socialising with her too

I also had my birthday

Ginger and Daisy get on well and are always chasing each other around the house and playing together.


Chapter 7.7- The End

I got another promotion and now get to help people

I played some chess

I am becoming a great gardener

I went fishing

I told my friend they were having a boy

I did some reading

I did some exercise

I am famous too

Dad got promoted

as did I, I now get to work on peoples brains

I soon achieved my dream and now my family legacy is at the end, Farewell.

Chapter 7.6- Pastimes

I chatted with dad

I had a pillow fight with a friend

I got promoted and am now an actual doctor

I am becoming a good cook too

I spoke about our heritage with mum

I made an army of snow people

Dad loves chess

Mums robot loves talking about the snow and how cold it is

I enjoyed making snow angels

I researched

I got another promotion and now get to do surgery unsupervised

I went out for a drink#

I did some gardening

dad got promoted

Chapter 7.5-Winter

I love the snow; there is so much fun to be had, like making snowmen.

I even like making aliens, too, showing my respect for my heritage.

I also love making new friends

I am doing great at work too

Mum loves playing computer games

She loves gifts too, and I love giving them

I am now an intern. I work long hours but am getting closer to my dream.

I also enjoy making snow angels

I spoke with mum about my love of winter

I played games on the computer

I complain about them too sometimes

I did some cleaning

and some dumpster diving

Chapter 7.4- Adulthood

I decided to do some cooking

I also did a workout

and made some friends

I went to the festival

I did some gardening

I had my birthday and am now a Young Adult. I am very charismatic and want to be a famous doctor.

I worked on my logic.

I got offered a position in my dream career, and I took it.

I went to the bookstore

I started researching potions

I had a snowball fight

I visited the library

I played some video games

Chapter 7.3- Relationships

I worked on my garden

I did my homework

Catch was played

My garden is doing well

I researched Gardening at the libarby and improved my skill

I played some video games

I also like to make in shape

Mum and Dad love chatting about the rain

I had a pillow fight with Dad

I made a new friend

Mum loves telling ghost stories

Chapter 7.2- Summer

Dad loves to exersize

His hard work paid off and he got promoted.

Mum loves to play catch even with the robot

I am now a Teenager. I love making people laugh#

I got a job

I used the computer

I worked on my gardening skill

I made a new friend

I worked on my cooking

I started a garden

I had lots of fun at the Summer Festival

Robert did some cleaning

I did some reading

Chapter 7.1- Hobbies

I decided to join the scouts. I thought it would be fun.

Mum and Me get on well and spend a lot of time together

Dad likes to keep in shape

I like doing my homework outside, the cool air helps me focus

I enjoy having pillow fights with dad

I also enjoy dressing up and playing pretend

I went to the bookstore and bought a logic book

I like pretending to be a race car driver

and a king

I raked some leaves

And played some catch

Chapter 6.9- New Friends

I did some painting

I snuggled my son

I read a book

I got a massage

I made a new celebrity friend

Brandt got promoted

I made another celebrity friend

We love pillow fights

I played the guitar

My husband worked out

I played catch with Hard Drive

I learnt a new song

Brandt got promoted

Robert is now a child a frugal one

He loves pretending to be a dinosaur