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Chapter 7.2- Summer

Dad loves to exersize

His hard work paid off and he got promoted.

Mum loves to play catch even with the robot

I am now a Teenager. I love making people laugh#

I got a job

I used the computer

I worked on my gardening skill

I made a new friend

I worked on my cooking

I started a garden

I had lots of fun at the Summer Festival

Robert did some cleaning

I did some reading


Chapter 7.1- Hobbies

I decided to join the scouts. I thought it would be fun.

Mum and Me get on well and spend a lot of time together

Dad likes to keep in shape

I like doing my homework outside, the cool air helps me focus

I enjoy having pillow fights with dad

I also enjoy dressing up and playing pretend

I went to the bookstore and bought a logic book

I like pretending to be a race car driver

and a king

I raked some leaves

And played some catch

Chapter 6.1- Summer Fun

I soon had my birthday and am now an Night Owl.

I wanted to learn writing so took a writing class at the local business offices.

I also love pretending to be a cow girl

I started writing my first book

I always chose skill books for my bedtime story

I don’t always get enough sleep and sometimes I crash

I always do my homework

I started writing another book

I worked on my homework even though it was hard to concencrate with Tommy’s crying.

I took a trip to the summer festival and had some fun throwing water balloons and eating food.

I enjoy relaxing on the balcony

I finished another book

My brothers both have thier birthdays. Thomas is now a child with no sense of humor and Mark is a teen who likes caring for the enviroment.