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Chapter 2.4- Learning

Yasmin does her homework

she like her mum loves to be creative

Yoko is becoming quite famous

Samson enjoys playing in the ball pit

and chatting to the bear

Baby 65 Martha is born, Only 35 to go

Samson plays with dolls

and does flashcards with Yoko

Yoko and Luigi make the next baby

Luigi also breaks the dolls house and Yoko has to fix it

Yoko and her children have good relasionships

The twins work on thier school projects

and it pays off


Round 12, Family 24- Gherda 2

With my Savings, I was able to afford this great trailer and had some money left over.

I was also able to get a job as an actress and I chose an agency that could get me a variety of roles so I could make my way up.

The auditions are all different but I was offered one on a children’s commercial so I practiced and honed my guitar playing skills.

Mum comes to visit me at my new home a lot, she asks about my life and talks about my brother and his family, I am an aunt now

I passed my first Audition and got the part. I also did quite well at the part and got gold.

I also need to stay in shape so I cook healthy meals instead of living on fast food

My brother came to visit and we had a chat. He does love my hot-tub though

I am getting better at the cooking too

I have been getting quite close with one of my co-workers too and we had a great meal together.

He visits a lot and we enjoy cloud gazing.

Chapter 2.11- Making Friends

I upgraded the shower

Jennika got promoted

We moved to a new house

I gave a gift to Jonah

I played chess

Jonah played video games

I watched the stars with Jennika

I started playing the guitar

I chatted with Jennika

I made a new friend

I met Jenni

i cleaned the sink

I upgraded it

Chapter 9.4- Childhood

Val enjoys reading

Emil is the heir and like me loves to paint. He also thinks he’s a dinosaur

Val still loves to play with dolls

I had a day off and the kids were sleeping so I did some painting

I am doing great at work too and now get to patrol the streets

With the twins, I seem to do the laundry almost every day

Emil loves science even if he’s not that good at it and his experiments tend to blow up

He does also like to read

The twins are good at getting their homework done, I never have to remind them

Someone wrote a book about me and I got some money just to sign it.

I was promoted again and now have my own team to lead

The twins love to try to beat each other at video games

Chapter 4.15- Passing on the legacy

My wife is becoming quite active
I had to unclog the toilet
Matias has started dating
Isabella started learning to cook
Caroline has taken up dance, I still prefer to use the treadmill
Caroline is becoming quite the celeb
Dad prefers to cook
I improved my athletic skill
Dad did some reading
I did another gig at a private venue and I got excellent Reviews
My wife is becoming quite the nerd but decided to keep her rebel trait
Before I knew it, Isabella was an Adult and now will be leading this legacy. She loves to learn and wants to become a teacher to help others learn and love to.

Chapter 4.1- Starting a life

I proposed to Caroline and I was so happy when she accepted and she wants kids too.
Caroline is a bit of a rebel though
She is also becoming quite the celebrity.
She likes dumpster diving, I have no idea why
My brother started dating an older lady
Caroline has been feeling quite sick lately
She gained a new trait
My uncle passed on
We soon found out why she was being sick, I am to be a dad
She also got her dream job

Chapter 3.5- Skills, Skills, Skills

I mostly have the boys on the same sleep schedule
Leonardo worked on his music whilst his brothers sleep
He soon mastered the skills
My boys developing their skills
My Boys mastering some skills
I did some exercise
Santiago mastered another skill
My boys work on their reading
I got promoted
I master logic
Santiago and his unique way of doing things
Diego plays dolls
Tickle time
My mum is quite the celeb.
The boys have done all their skills and mum is bonding with little Santiago.
This is Diego last book and he finished it just after I took this picture.