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Round 14, Family 4- Jackon

My son got his acceptance letter

Oscar is neat

He is doing a villany degree

He started working on his course load right away

I repaired the stereo

Malcolm did his school project with his friend Jada

he also completed his aspiration

Oscar now dislikes video games

Malcolm becomes a jealous teen

My wife mixes some drinks

I make a salad

and write some books

My wife finds a new music genre

Oscar floats in the pool

Emily shows off her dance moves

I am now an elder

I retired and now spend a lot of time creating drinks at the bar

Family school project

Oscar cleans

Me and Malcolm like the same music


Round 14, Family 3- Crazen

Laila loves making messes

My daughters love dancing

My wife loves exersize

Letifa loves toys

I made breakfast

My wife plays with the girls

She also mastered the fitness skill

I made some furniture

Lola is soon a silly toddler

She loves dance too

Laila is now proper

My wife did some cleaning

Laila did some art

I hired a nanny to watch the girls when me and Lyndia are working

Lyndia got promoted

Laila enjoys comedy

I got promoted too

Letifa loves recycling

Laila is a good student

Letifa still loves to dance

The girls love having water balloon fights

Lyndia potty trained Lola

I got promoted

Chapter 2.32- The End

Peter uses the computer

Baby 100 Aldous is born. Now just to grow up and move the babies out.

Peter works out

Dixie becomes a young Adult and moves out. She is Romantic. Pauline loves music

Peter works on his school project

Pauline plays in the tent

Aldous becomes a fussy toddler

Peter is soon a teenager. He is Lactose Intolerant and wants to grow a vampire family.

Peter enjoys playing computer games

Yoko works on Aldous’s thinking

and his movement

Pauline becomes a Jealous teen who wants to have a big family

She has fun on the slip n slide

Aldous works on imagination

Peter becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is Erratic. Aldous becomes a child, a proper one

he works on his mental skill

Yoko repairs the computer in the art room

Pauline cleans up the kitchen

Aldous plays with toys

Birthdays. Aldous becomes a teen, he is cheerful and wants to be a bodybuilder. Pauline moves out, she is Erratic.

Aldous uses the slip n slide

he does some boxing

Yoko uses the computer, with just one teen in the house, she has lots of spare time

Aldous repairs

Aldous is soon a Young Adult and the challenge is now completed. His final trait is Bookworm.

Round 14, Family 1- Frost

I cooked my family some lunch

We ate as a family and then our son told us about his day

Ginger has a fascination with being on the furniture

I got a job

I love debate

Rachel loves video games

I hired a butler

My wife uncovered and authenticated some artifacts.

Robert enjoys playing imaginative games with his toys

and computer games

Our new butler and Robert love playing chess

I took Ginger to the vets and got him some treatment

My wife and son play some chess together

Ginger is now an elder

Rachel enjoys dancing

Robert found a music genre he likes

I adopted Daisy and love socialising with her too

I also had my birthday

Ginger and Daisy get on well and are always chasing each other around the house and playing together.

Chapter 2.31- Outdoor Fun

Dixie is soon a clingy toddler

Digby helps with potty training his sister

Joubert becomes a Squeamish child

Dixie plays with blocks

Joubert plays pirate

Digby finds a music genre he likes

Dixie plays in the tent

Baby 98 Peter is born, only two to go

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Philip

Digby dances

as does Joubert

Birthdays. Joubert becomes a teen who loves dancing and wants to make many enemies. Digby becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is Erratic. Dixie becomes a child who will eat anything and Peter is a fussy toddler.

Dixie plays doctor

Joubert plays computer games

Dixie works on her school projects

Peter works on his imagination

Yoko makes her next baby. She had a baby girl Pauline with Philip.

Peter plays with blocks

Dixie does some science

Birthdays. Joubert becomes a Young adult and moves out. He loves to read. Dixie becomes a teen who can’t have milk and wants to be a bartender. Peter is a Active child and Baby 99 Pauline is Clingy.

Dixie enjoys playing computer games

Pauline hates coming out the ball pit

Yoko works on her fitness

Peter enjoys exersize

Dixie loves video games

Chapter 2.30- Night owls

Dermot plays on the monkey bars

Burt uses the computer

Dermot is a child who just loves to be outside despite the weather

Digby is soon a very curious toddler

Burt plays outside

Birthdays. Burt and Bena become young adults and move out. Burt is non committal and Bena is a freegan. Daisy and Dolly are teens. Daisy likes borrowing things without asking and wants to have a successful family. Dolly is clumsy and wants to find her soulmate.

Yoko made her next baby with Jerome

Daisy does some exercise

Deva uses the slip n slide

Daisy repairs a sink

More birthdays. Dermot and Deva are now teens. Dermot loves being outside and wants to be a bodybuilder. Deva is a Bro and wants to be a Academic. Daisy and Dolly become young adults and move out. Daisy is Active and Dolly is Squeamish.

Deva loves video games

Dermot enjoys boxing

Digby plays with blocks

Daisy plays on the computer

Baby 96 Joubert is born, only 4 to go

Joubert becomes a wild toddler

Digby becomes a child who likes making people laugh.

Yoko met up with her next baby daddy Devin

Joubert works on his creativity

Baby 97 Dixie is born, only three to go

Dermot uses the slip n slide

Dermot and Deva become Young adults and move out. Dermot is Paranoid and Deva loves to dance.

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Phoenix

Digby is soon a cheerful teenager.

Chapter 2.29- Birthday Train

Bena enjoys playing in the tent

Yoko and Dave made the next baby

Bena enjoys playing with blocks

Bena and Burt master the potty

Birthdays. Burt no longer eats meat and Bena can’t have milk. Daisy is a Charmer and Dolly is inquisitive.

Bena is very musical

Juan uses the computer

Baby 93 and 94 Dermot and Deva are born, only 6 to go

Burt does the dishes

Yoko becomes a adult

more birthdays. Juan becomes a Young adult and moves out. He is a slob. Burt and Bena become teenagers. Bena is proper and wants to go exploring in the Jungle. Burt is hot-headed and wants to be a club leader. Dolly and Daisy are children. Dolly loves the environment and Daisy is a slob. Dermot and Deva are toddlers. Dermot is a charmer and Deva is fussy.

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Dwight

Dermot and Deva work on their skills

Burt and Bena potty train the youngest twins

Dolly goes swimming

Burt plays computer games

Deva plays in the tent

Brother bonding

The girls work on their homework

Daisy plays on the computer

Baby 95 Digby is born, only 5 to go

Daisy loves video games

Dermot and Deva are soon children. Dermot is Erratic and Deva loves music.

Yoko does some painting

Dermot plays video games

Burt uses the computer

and does some cooking

Dermot plays in the snow

Chapter 2.28- Boys Galore

The ball pit gets a lot of use

Romain enjoys being active

Juan plays in the tent

does flashcards with Yoko

and plays with blocks

Ace fails at doing tricks

Juan has fun in the toddler pool

Ace does some cooking

Birthdays. Ace and Lambert become Young Adults and move out. Ace hates children and Lambert is a loner. The triplets are teenagers and Juan is a child who likes being active. Rider is Self-Assured and wants to be rich. Randall eats anything and loves to knit. Romain loves free things and wants to be a master at winter sports.

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Bryson

Juan pretends to be a pirate

and works on his school project

Yoko repairs the toilet

Babies 89 and 90 are born Burt and Bena, only 10 to go

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Diego

They are soon toddlers. Burt is Angelic and Bena is Clingy

Moira becomes a Young Adult and moves out. She is Unflirty.

More birthdays. Juan is now a teenager who is outgoing and wants to learn all the potions. The triplets become Young Adults and move out. Randall is high Maintenance, Romain is Proper and Rider is a foodie.

Burt enjoys playing with Blocks

Babies 91 and 92 Daisy and Dolly are soon born, only 8 to go

The twins work on their skills

Chapter 2.27- Red Heads Galore

Birthdays. Rider is Silly, Randall is Wild and Romain is Fussy. Lambert is Creative

Rider enjoys playing with the blocks

Romain and Randall are always babbling away to each other

Randall just loves to chatter away

Lambert works on his mental skill

The children work on their homework

Ace enjoys playing video games

Romain enjoys being imaginative

Rider plays in the ball pit

Ace helps with toilet training

Moira becomes a Teenager. She loves dogs and wants to have many relationships.

Romain decides to redecorate the kids and teens room

Randall enjoys playing with the blocks

Baby 88 Juan is born, Only 12 to go

Moira enjoys keeping in shape

so does Yoko

More birthdays. Rider loves Music, Randall and Romain both love to read. Juan is Angelic

Ronald comes to visit

Romain plays pirate

Lambert is soon a teen. He loves being outside and wants to have many animal friends

Dancing fun

Lambert goes Swimming

Randall plays with the farmhouse and animals

Ace uses the slip n slide

Randall plays on the monkey bars

Round 13, Family 26- Crazen 3

I found some music that I hate.

I got my dream job and even got a bonus of over 2000 simoleons as I have a degree.

Cooking is hard work, but I do need to eat then clean the floor

I did some painting and sold my artwork for some extra cash

I really love painting

I met some of my Neighbours Joe and Alexi

I am getting better at cooking

I got a new quirk

I finally had enough money to move to a bigger home.

I love my new kitchen. It has plenty of space.

I found some music I like

I invited Arabella over and we had fun throwing water balloons at each other.