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Sims 4 Random Legacy Rules

I did not invent this challenge, it was originally made by Tigger89 and the updated rolls up to Feb 2019 are from Storydayz. I will be doing the rolls from June 2019 onwards as I really like this challenge and want to be able to play it with all packs.

24/08/19- Added Freelance Photographer Career and Photo Fanatic Goal.
28/09/19- Added Odd Jobs to Unconventional Jobs.
11/11/19- Added Two new goals and one Misc fun for Realm of Magic pack.
16/11/19- Added Four new conventional careers, updated the rules, Updated Perfect Careers for Uni, Added two more misc fun, Added another goal, and updated the aspirations list.
08/12/19- Added Botcrazy to goals, suggested by onyeka.
23.12.19- Added Roommate misc fun suggested by Onyeka and put careers where they were meant to go
09.05.20- Added new goal
13/06/2020- Added New goal and five new careers
01/08/2020- Rolls and Rules will now be updated on my blog as it’s much easier for me to do there. If anyone has some idea’s for nifty knitting then please let me know, I have added Knitting as an Unconventional Career

21/11/20- I have added the new career from snowy escape plus some new rolls.

04/07/21- I have added the new Interior Decorator career from dream home decorator. I also minimised some of the rolls as I think there is quite a lot and sims 4 doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon

04/09/21- I have added to Green Living Goal and Gardening career and added another Unconvential Career.

12/09/21- I have added new rolls for the Spa Day refresh.

Rules of the Challenge

  • Roll Your Founders, Further Details will be below
  • Create your Founders only, not their children
  • Create their home- It can be an Apartment, an empty lot or a house but they must be able to afford it.
  • The challenge lasts for 10 Generations and ends when the children of Gen 10 reach Young Adulthood, all of them even the younger ones.
  • For Each Generation, You Must Choose an heir. They can be biological or adopted. All other children unless a helper must be moved out at YA.
  • Pregnancy Tests are allowed
  • Family Structure should be in place by the time the first child is born.
  • Sims can only make money through the careers they rolled but there are some expectations- Selling Childhood Paintings, Duplicate postcards
  • Sims can age up on their birthday once age bar says 0 days and not before, Yes this Includes Babies.
  • Pets are allowed but cannot be used to gain money unless a rolls allows it
  • Clubs are allowed but cannot be used for cheating- For example, for free cleaning, gardening or childcare.
  • Aspiration Rewards can be used but not Potions.
  • Lot traits can only be chosen once a generation
  • Occults with a very long age span such as Vampires must be moved out at the end of a generation.

Discover University

  • You can only Send Spouses, Helpers and Heir to University
  • You can get loans and Scholarships.
  • Remember you can only make money from careers so no odd Jobs or part-time Jobs
  • You can choose where to live.


You can choose your aspirations but some of them have restrictions. Remember you can’t make money in any other way than through your rolls.

Choosing the Heir

The heir can be rolled for, chosen, or voted on but must have been part of the rolls. Accidental Twins and Triplets count but children not part of the rolled number do not.


Martial Structure (Roll 1-25)

1-6- Single parent- The main sim must bring up children on her own with no romantic partner in house. They can move in a romantic partner when the youngest child is halfway through teen stage so when they have 6 0r 5 days left in bar on normal lifespan.
6-15- Couple
16- Mixed Single- Must have a mixture of Biological and Adopted children. If roll 1 child must have another to satisfy this roll.
17- Mixed Couple- Same as above but with a couple
18- Second Chance- Must have 2 partners, must have at least 1 child with first partner.
19- Single with Help- A non-romantic sim must live in the house with main sim
20- Mixed single with help- Same as above but must have a mixture of adopted and biological children
21- Couple with help
22- Mixed couple with help
23-SIngle with 2 help
24- Mixed single with 2 help
25-Full house- Must have 4 sims. (Can be two couples, a couple and two help, or single with three help, up to you)

Number of Children
1-2: 1
3-6: 2
7-8: 3
9: 4
10: 5


Primary- Heirs Career
1-6: Conventional Career (roll C1)
7-9: Unconventional Career (roll C2)
10: Career Hopper — Must roll for five conventional careers. You may jump between these careers as you wish, so long as you have spent a day at work in at least three by the time your sim becomes a full adult, and all five by the time your sim becomes an elder.

Secondary Career- Spouse or Helpers career
1-3: Conventional Career (roll C1)
4-6:Unconventional Career (roll C2)
7-8: Part Time Jobs (roll C3)
9: Career Hopper – Must roll for five conventional careers. You may jump between these careers as you wish, so long as you have spent a day at work in at least three by the time your sim becomes a full adult, and all five by the time your sim becomes an elder.
10: Unemployed


C1- Conventional Career (1-49)

  1. Entertainer- Musician- Can write Jingles
  2. Entertainer- Comedian- May Perform Comedy in Space
  3. Writer- Author- May write and Publish Books
  4. Writer- Journalist- See Above
  5. Painter- Master of the Real- Can sell crafted paintings sim made not other sims and call agent for money
  6. Painter- Patron of the Arts- See Above
  7. Secret Agent -Diamond Agent- No Additional Money making opportunities
  8. Secret Agent- Villian-See Above
  9. Criminal Boss- Can Pickpocket Sims
  10. Criminal- Oracle- Can pickpocket sims, hack and create viruses
  11. Astronaut- Space Ranger- Can go on Space Missions
  12. Astronaut-Smuggler-See Above
  13. Culinary Chef- Can Self-publish cookbooks
  14. Culinary Mixologist- Can Self-Publish Bar Guides
  15. Tech Guru- Start Up entrepreneur- No Additional Money making opportunities
  16. Tech Guru- Esport Gamer- No Additional Money making opportunities
  17. Athlete-Bodybuilder-No Additional Money making opportunities
  18. Athlete- Pro Athlete-No Additional Money making opportunities
  19. Business-Management-No Additional Money making opportunities
  20. Business- Investor-Can Invest in Stocks
  21. (GTW)- Doctor-No Additional Money making opportunities
  22. (GTW)- Detective-No Additional Money making opportunities
  23. (GTW)- Scientist-No Additional Money making opportunities
  24. (CL)- Critic-Art- No Additional Money Making Opportunities
  25. (CL)- Critic-Food- No Additional Money Making Opportunities
  26. (CL)- Politics- Charity Organiser- No Additional Money Making Opportunities
  27. (CL)- Politics- Politician- No Additional Money Making Opportunities
  28. (CL)- Social Media- Internet Personality- Can advertise on Social Media Page
  29. (CL)- Social Media- Public Relations- No Additional Money Making Opportunities
  30. (S) Gardener-Botanist- Can sell one of each plant only
  31. (S)- Flower Arranger- Can sell arrangements
  32. Stylist- No Additional Money Making Opportunities
  33. TrendSetter- No additional Money making opportunities
  34. (GF)- Actor-No additional Money making opportunities
  35. (SV)-Military Cadet-No additional Money making opportunities
  36. (SV)-Military Covert Officer- Can Bribe Sims
  37. (IL)-Conversationalist- Marine Biologist- No additional Money making opportunities
  38. (IL)-Conversationalist- Environmental Manager- No additional Money making opportunities
  39. (MS)-Fashion Photographer- Can Sell Photo’s
  40. (DU)-Education-Administrator-No additional Money making opportunities
  41. (DU)-Education- Professor-No additional Money making opportunities
  42. (DU)-Law-Judge-No additional Money making opportunities
  43. (DU)-Law-Private Attorney-No additional Money making opportunities
  44. (DU)-Engineering- Computers-No additional Money making opportunities
  45. (DU)-Engineering- Mechanics-No additional Money making opportunities
  46. (EL)-Civil Engineering- Green Technician-No additional Money making opportunities
  47. (EL)-Civil Engineering- Civic Planner-No additional Money making opportunities
  48. Salary Person (SE)
  49. Interior Decorater (DHD)

C2- Unconventional Careers (1-34)

  1. Painter- Paint on easel or tablet and sell paintings to art gallery or collector or become a Freelance Painter.
  2. Author- Write and Publish books or become a Freelance Writer
  3. Musician- Play music for tips or sing. You can also write songs and jingles and sell them.
  4. Gardener- Plant, grow and sell plants including the new ones
  5. Fisher sim- Catch and sell fish
  6. Treasure Hunter- Find and sell treasure found in rocks, dig spots and around household in trash piles
  7. Carpenter- Make and Sell woodwork
  8. Comedian- Write and self-publish comedy books. Write and perform jokes and comedy routines
  9. Programmer- Anything in program section on computer or become Freelance Programmer.
  10. Space Explorer- Fly around in rocket and sell what you find on your travels
  11. Gamer- Livestream, Participate in Gaming Competitions and make games.
  12. Professional Host/Hostess- Host social events and sell rewards for money
  13. Remedy Brewer- Make and sell herbal remedies
  14. Photographer- take and sell photos
  15. Retail Owner- Manage a retail shop that doesn’t sell anything else that’s on this list.
  16. DJ- Work as a DJ and sell mixtapes
  17. Restaurateur- manage a restaurant
  18. Animal Trainer- Make or adopt a pet with prowler or hunter trait and sell the treasures they find
  19. Veterinarian- Manage a vets, Can also sell pets treats
  20. Archaeologist- Evacuate and use table to authenticate relics. can also verify items sent in mail but cannot sell items found in temples
  21. Treasure Hunter- Go on adventures and sell what you find
  22. Flower Arranger- Sell arrangements you make
  23. Bee Keeper- Sell Honey for money
  24. Video Producer- Upload videos and stream using drone
  25. Music Producer- Use Music station to make and release customized music
  26. Beach Treasure hunter- find and sell things found on the beach
  27. Odd Jobs-do odd jobs for money
  28. Maker- Join Freelance Maker career or make and sell drinks, candles and Fabrications.
  29. Seamstress- Knit Clothes and sell them
  30. Toymaker- Knit and Sell toys or sell toys made on robotics machine
  31. Farmer- have a cow, llama or chickens- care for them and sell thier produce
  32. Yoga Instructor- Run Yoga classes for money
  33. Spa Specialist- Tend Massage table and chairs- do massages, pedicures and manicures for money
  34. Meditation Guru- Host Meditation Sessions for money

C2-Part Time Jobs (1-8)

  1. Babysitter
  2. Barista
  3. Fast food employee
  4. Manual Food Labourer
  5. Retail
  6. Lifeguard
  7. Fishing
  8. Diver

Generational Goals (1-28)

  1. Perfect Careers- Heir, Spouse and Helpers must max careers
  2. Fulfilled- Heir, Spouse and Helpers must achieve aspiration
  3. Perfect children- Toddlers must master all five skills. Children should achieve their Aspiration, get an A and be in an Afterschool club. Teens must either master scouts or drama club or get promoted to the top of a part time job, have an A and get a skill to Level 5.
  4. Dependable- Heir, Spouse and helpers must do all daily tasks for work or school starting at childhood or when they join household
  5. Expansionist- Expand on the house this generation
  6. Collector- Complete and Display a collection
  7. Deadbeat Parents- Can not train children, help with skills or homework
  8. Change of Scenery- Must either move lots or bulldoze the house and make a new one
  9. Party King/Queen- Host Four unique parties and get gold in each.
  10. Idle Careers- Make no effort to improve job performance
  11. Memorial- Heir, Spouse and helpers- must have a book, a photo or be painted
  12. My Honor Students- Must complete all school projects and display them in order from poor to excellent
  13. Bring me to life- Plead with the grim reaper for sims life
  14. Do gooders- do stuff for charity, volunteer
  15. Holiday Fanatics-Must complete at least 1 holiday a week with 5 goals
  16. Scouting Family- Do children’s scouting achievements as a family
  17. Doomsday Preppers- Must Complete strangeville mystery
  18. Environmentalist- One a sim week, must clean up a community venue or lot such as a beach
  19. Photo Fanatic- Must take at least 5 photos a week and display them around the house
  20. Magic Master-Learn and Master all Spells
  21. Potion Master- Learn and Master all potions
  22. Career Student- Do at least two distinguished degrees- Can be split so Heir and Spouse can do one each. If Single one distinguished degree with the top GPA meets this
  23. Bot Crazy- Master Robotics Skill- Make all bots and a servo and keep in home for that generation
  24. Saving Space- Live in a tiny home for entire generation
  25. Green Living- Must have off the grid lot trait and simple living if have Cottage Living and cannot buy new furniture this generation, must live an eco life. Must grow own food, collect water and grow own power.
  26. Midlife Crisis- Pick a Sim either Heir, Spouse or Helper. Once Sim reaches Adult roll three times to determine what will happen during their midlife crisis. Reroll if duplicate. Options are :

• Reroll Misc Fun
• Randomize a trait
• Reroll Career
• Make a Major Purchase for the house
• Have a romantic Crisis (Meet a new lover, Cheat on partner or break up with partner are some choices)
• Change look (May Change back after 7 days)
• Gain a new skill (Must complete in at least a week and must add at least 5 skill points)
• Have a child (Add to number of rolled children for the generation)
• Randomize Aspiration
• Adopt a pet
• Plus one- (Add a sim to the household)
• Who am I again- Randomize all traits

27. Winter Sports Enthusiast- Once A sim week, must go into the mountains and do a form of winter sports for at least three hours. Must max skiing and snowboarding skills.

28.- Relaxation Enthusiast- Must max the wellness skill and visit the spa or do wellness activities at least once a week.

Misc Fun (Roll 1-31)

  1. Random- All traits and Aspirations Must Be random
  2. Partier- At least one party a week must be thrown
  3. Mischief Manager- From Teen Birthday, heir must play a prank each week
  4. Homemade-All meals must be cooked
  5. Runs in the family- All children must get one of the heirs traits the same trait
  6. Perfect Attendance- from childhood, heir, spouse, helpers and children must not be over an hour late for school or work or university classes
  7. Fixer upper- No Repairman- must fix all broken appliances themselves
  8. Half siblings- All children born this generation must be from a different partner
  9. Joker- can reroll, can keep this for a future generation. Only for this section
  10. Health Nuts- Sims can only eat healthy food and spent 3 hours a week doing a physical activity must rise fitness, wellness, movement or motor to count
  11. Gourmet-Once a week, the family must eat a gourmet meal together.
  12. hands off- can not use mouse to move items
  13. Hobbyist- The heir and spouse must pick an hobby and spent at least three hours on it. This activity cannot be related to career and cannot be used to make money.
  14. My Precious-When your sim finds something they like, it’s hard for them to let it go. Pick one of the options below to build a collection over the course of your heir’s lifetime. The collection must be displayed somewhere on the legacy lot so it may not be kept in an inventory until the generation is complete.A) I finds it, it’s mine — At least once a week, your sim must go out and find a unique object to add to their collection(pick a single category: frogs, MySims Trophies, metals, crystals, elements, fossils, aliens, space rocks or fish). You may not display duplicates. If you have found one of every item and the generation isn’t complete yet, pick a new collection to begin.B) So bright, so beautiful, my precious — Once a week, your sim must purchase something beautiful and shiny from the decorations tab in buy mode. This should be something that exists only to look awesome and should be displayed all together(or as trophy centerpieces in each room or something), not decor that “blends in” such as toilet paper rolls in the bathroom or a pan rack in the kitchen. If your sim is insane and decides to build a “bathroom shrine” in their living room, that’s totally legit, but it should be done to add to the story, not just because you couldn’t be bothered to find a better idea than buying misc decorations for your bathrooms to fulfill this fun.
  15. Vacationer- At least 1 sim from the household must go on vacation once a week.
  16. Clubber- Starting in childhood or when they move in, The heir, spouse and helpers must belong to a club and attending a meeting at least once a week
  17. On call- Starting as teens, heir must respond to at least one hang out phone call a week
  18. Town Explorer-Staring as a teen, Heir must visit a unique community lot for three hours once a week
  19. Regular diner- Once a week, family must visit and eat at a restaurant
  20. Festival Frequenter- Every festival, a member of the household must attend the festival for at least an hour
  21. Sibling Rivalry- When parents are not around sims can only socialize through mean or mischief until they are adults
  22. Rainbow Brite — This generation your heir’s taste drastically changed! Using the design tool in build/buy mode change every item possible to the rolled color. For extra torture, fun dress the entire family in the chosen color as well! -Red 2-Pink 3-Yellow 4- Green 5- Blue 6- Purple 7- White 8- Gray 9- Black 10- Brown
  23. (JA) Cultured- All family members should max the Selvadoradian culture skill, visit at least twice during this generation to immerse themselves. Optional: Complete the relics collection.
  24. (S) Seasonal “Fun”- Each season you must decorate the sim’s house & wardrobe according to the season, as well as do something (like a party or group outing) to celebrate the season. (Credit for this one goes to (Big Mud, thanks!)
  25. (GF) Crazed Fans- Your family is all about the rich and famous. At least once a week they should seek out and fawn over the celebrity elite but should not go out of their way to attempt to become famous themselves. If they gain fame inadvertently that’s fine.
  26. (IL) Island Local- Once a week must join a island gathering.
  27. (ROM) Magic Club- Make a club of Spellcasters who gather to research, make potions and do spells and other things related to magic. Must meet in Glimmerbrook at least once a week.
  28. (DU) Secret Society Member- Join and be a practising member of the secret society
  29. (DU) Organsation King/Queen- Join an organsation while at uni and be a active member
  30. (DU) Roommate fun- have at least 1 roommate in the family household for entire generation.
  31. (SE)Winter Sports Fantics- Once a week the family must particpate in some kind of winter sports, these Include Snowboarding and Skiing and Ice-Skating.
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