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Chapter 2.15- Dreams

Thalia loves video games

Baby 73 Naia is born, only 27 to go

Yoko and Harry create her next baby

Sage plays in the tent

and with toys, working hard on her imagination

Birthday time. The twins become Young adults and move out. Tania is a child of the Islands and Thalia is a perfectionist. Sage becomes a child and is mean.

School projects are worked on

Yoko completes her aspiration and now wants to be a writer

She starts writing her first book right away

Yoko finds some music she likes


Chapter 5.9- Family

Tiana is able to cook lots of fancy food

Tanisha decided that dancing is just not for her

Boyd completed his aspiration

Tobias and his wife had a son together

Tiana loves to fix and upgrade things

She soon joined her husband in elderhood

Tanisha plays video games

and keeps in shape

Todd does his homework

and plays with clay

Tanisha works on her speaking skills

Boyd dies of old age

Tanisha enjoys swimming now that the weather is getting warmer

She does some repairs

and helps her son with his school work

Chapter 2.14- Skilling

Lakshmi enjoys creating art

She was soon a Teen who loves to read

Thalia works on her confidence

and enjoys using the slip n slide

Winter plays video games

Sage becomes a silly toddler

Yoko starts potty training

The girls are quite close and enjoy spending time together

Winter plays computer games

Lakshmi does some cleaning

Winter and Tania play chess together

Chapter 2.13- Summer Fun

Yoko potty trained Lakshmi

Simon loves the slip n slide

Lakshmi loves the play tent

Yoko enjoys cooking

Lakshmi plays in the ball pit

Birthday time. Simon is now a Young Adult, he moved out and his final trait is active. The twins are teenagers, Thalia is hot-headed and Tania is Clumsy. Lakshmi is a proper child.

The girls work on their homework

Tania uses the keyboard and works on her piano skill

Yoko goes into labour and Baby 72 Sage is born, only 28 to go
Yoko and Niall create her next baby

Yoko does some painting

Chapter 2.12- Outnumbered by girls

Winter enjoys babbling to the bear

and going exploring

She also loves to make messes

Yoko does some paintings

Of course she likes painting

Birthday time. Martha becomes a Young adult and moves out. She is Ambitious. Simon becomes a teen, He is a Loner and Winter becomes a child who loves to recycle.

Yoko makes her next baby with Shawn

The children work on their school projects in the garden

Levanna becomes a Young adult and moves out, She loves the environment

Yoko cleans the bath

Simon plays computer games

Lakshmi is soon an Angelic toddler.

Chapter 2.11- Family love

Levanna did some recycling

Simon and Thalia are quite close
Martha enjoys cooking
Yoko did some cleaning

and some paintings, she has bills to pay after all

Thalia enjoys playing chess

Martha decided to take Winter to play in the pool despite the fact it was Freezing and snowy.

Tania enjoys playing the piano

and making messes

Levanna did flashcards with Winter

Thalia decided that a towel was a great outfit to play pirates in

The play tent is often used for naps

Winter finally mastered the potty skill

She enjoys playing in the tent

Yoko went into labour and Baby 71 Lakshmi was born, only 29 Babies to go.

Chapter 2.10- More Birthdays

Yoko met up with her next baby daddy Laurent

She cared for her children

and restocked the fridge

The children all get on well and have close bonds with each other.

Levanna becomes a teenager and is a geek.

Thalia loves the ball pit jumping around in it and throwing the balls everywhere

Simon had fun swinging across the monkey bars

Yoko did some exercise

Simon loves the new play tent and can spend hours playing with his toys in there.

Winter became a toddler. She is Inquisitive

The twins became children. Tania is Squeamish and Thalia is a glutton.

Winter was potty trained by her older sister.

Chapter 2.9- Birthday Train

Yoko has a set of girl twins, Meet Babies 68 and 69 Tania and Thalia, only 31 to go

Samson is great at caring for his younger siblings

Yoko gets some cleaning done

She meets up with her next baby Daddy Walugi

Levanne makes some messes

Yoko repairs the tv

Martha becomes a teenager. She is squeamish.

She works on her school project

Samson does some cooking

The twins become toddlers. Tania is Independent and Thalia is inquisitive.

Samson becomes a young adult and moves out. He is an insider

Martha plays some chess

Tania uses the slide

Baby 70 Winter is born, only 30 to go.