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Chapter 2.18-Schoolwork

Yoko masters the writing skill

Birthdays. Sage becomes a Bro as a teen and Harlan is a hot-headed child

Yoko and Blake make her next baby

Harlan enjoys using the swings

School project time

Harlan does some art

Nissa becomes an Inquisitive toddler

Potty training commences

Lakshmi is soon an non-committal young adult

Sage does some repairs

Homework is done

Nissa plays in the tent and works on her imagination

The slip n slide is used


Chapter 2.17- Being Creative

Birthday time. Lakshmi is now a Geeky teen and Harlan is an independent toddler.

He starts using the potty right away

Naia uses the computer

and does some art

Sage enjoys doing art too

and moulding clay

Harlan loves using the slide

Naia mastered the motor skill

Yoko goes into labour and has Baby 75 Nissa, only 25 to go. I wonder if we have another 7 girls before we get another boy.

Lakshmi enjoys cooking

Sage enjoys playing with toys

Yoko repairs the bathroom sink

Harlan finds and plays in the ball pit

Round 13, Family 16- Nakamura 3

My wife has decided she dosen’t like electronica music anymore.

My son Maddox is now a Young Adult and will now be telling our families story.

Hi everyone, I am a Young adult now and I am dating Sage, I met her at the beach and we really hit it off

She is like me Unique, here we lay in the water to watch the stars

My baby sister enjoys playing chess

and is helpful with house repairs

I have recently took up boxing, its a great workout

I decided we had been dating long enough and asked Sage to marry me, Luckily she said yes and we got married at the park before she could change her mind.

Dad got promoted

I was going to be a dad too

Sage got a job

She enjoys dancing

Soon our daughter Skye was born.

My wife took up beekeeping

I love pop music

I got a job

I used the treadmill

Mum became an elder and retired

My wife became an adult, yes she is much older then me but age is just a number

Skye became a toddler. She’s Fussy

Skye loves to follow me around

I showed my designs for some feedback

I potty trained Skye

Sage got promoted

Skye loves the new play tent

Chapter 2.16- A Boy

Sage enjoys playing on the keyboard

Naia becomes an Inquisitive toddler

Potty training starts

Lakshmi enjoys winning

Sage works on her homework

Naia works on her imagination

Yoko enjoys writing

Naia uses the slide

baby 74 Harlan is born, only 26 to go and finally a boy after seven girls

Yoko had space in her household so she went and made her next baby with Nikola

Naia becomes an active child

she loves swinging across the monkey bars

and doing her homework on the swings

She also loves fitness

Winter becomes a Young Adult and moves out. She is materalistic.

Chapter 2.15- Dreams

Thalia loves video games

Baby 73 Naia is born, only 27 to go

Yoko and Harry create her next baby

Sage plays in the tent

and with toys, working hard on her imagination

Birthday time. The twins become Young adults and move out. Tania is a child of the Islands and Thalia is a perfectionist. Sage becomes a child and is mean.

School projects are worked on

Yoko completes her aspiration and now wants to be a writer

She starts writing her first book right away

Yoko finds some music she likes

Chapter 2.14- Skilling

Lakshmi enjoys creating art

She was soon a Teen who loves to read

Thalia works on her confidence

and enjoys using the slip n slide

Winter plays video games

Sage becomes a silly toddler

Yoko starts potty training

The girls are quite close and enjoy spending time together

Winter plays computer games

Lakshmi does some cleaning

Winter and Tania play chess together

Chapter 2.13- Summer Fun

Yoko potty trained Lakshmi

Simon loves the slip n slide

Lakshmi loves the play tent

Yoko enjoys cooking

Lakshmi plays in the ball pit

Birthday time. Simon is now a Young Adult, he moved out and his final trait is active. The twins are teenagers, Thalia is hot-headed and Tania is Clumsy. Lakshmi is a proper child.

The girls work on their homework

Tania uses the keyboard and works on her piano skill

Yoko goes into labour and Baby 72 Sage is born, only 28 to go
Yoko and Niall create her next baby

Yoko does some painting