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Chapter 7.5- Love

Shayne dosen’t like playing video games

He gained a new lifestyle

He also got promoted

Sally loves the ball pit

Sally loves to babble away to her mum

She also loves physical games

Also dancing

Running to welcome mum back from work

Lucy works on her fitness


Round 13, Family 20-Roswell

My wife mastered the cooking skill

My son did the dishes

He was soon a teenager. He loves Adventures and wants to be a bodybuilder

he uses the treadmill

My daughter finds some music she likes

I play chess with my wife

She becomes an adult

Eileen loves dancing

and playing doctor

Edgar has started learning to cook and is okay.

Eileen loves playing at the park

Sometimes she joins me at fishing too

Ebony plays chess and improves her logic

My wife doesn’t like the handiness

Good thing our son doesn’t mind it then

Eileen enjoys swinging across the monkey bars

She soon mastered motor and achieved her aspiration

My wife also achieved her aspiration

My son helps me with repairs around the house

I went fishing

Ebony got promoted

my son loves video games

Eileen and Edgar often challenge each other when playing.

Edgar also enjoys painting

Chapter 5.14-Passing the Torch

Tobias and his wife have their second son together.

Tanisha and Todd work on his school project together

Todd does some painting

Tanisha goes jogging around town

She plays some video games at geek con

She masters the skill

Tanisha takes up rock climbing

Todd plays video games

and repairs

Todd enjoys cooking

Todd and Tanisha head into the mountains for some skiing.

Todd soon had his birthday and will now be leading Generation 6. He loves Art.

Chapter 2.19-Likes and Dislikes

Sage enjoys watching tv

She decides that Video games are not for her

She does some cooking

Nissa uses the play tent

Sage becomes a Young Adult and moves out. She is Non-Commital. Naia becomes a Slob as a teen and Nissa becomes a child who loves art.

Homework is done

Yoko masters gourmet cooking

Yoko goes into labour and has Baby 76 Bede, only 24 to go and it’s another boy.

Yoko and Tom work on her next Baby.

The living room/entry area is quite popular

Harlan works on his art

Yoko has decided that she doesn’t like handiness, oh no

Chapter 5.13- Relationships

Todd loves to paint

Tiana loves to dance

Todd and Madisyn have been getting close

Todd enjoys playing video games

Tiana dies of old age
Todd learns to Ski

he repairs the bathroom sink

and does some cooking

Tanisha makes some new friends

Todd and Madisyn start dating and decide to go to the pool in winter

Tanisha plays the piano

Round 13, Family 18-Murakami

My wife loves to cook

I work hard on my reports for work

My children work hard on their homework

I clean up the beach

Niahm enjoys science

I repaired the dishwasher

I enjoy video games

Nathan pretends to be a pirate

My wife mixes some drinks

I get promoted

I work on my speech

My wife enjoys fixing and upgrading things

Niahm sometimes joins me when I fish

I did some cooking with the children

Jenni repaired the sink in the bathroom

The twins are really close

I spent some time cleaning up the beach and sea

Chapter 5.11- Family outings

Todd has decided he likes mischief

Tanisha now likes gardening

The Family took a trip to the beach where they helped clean the beach, Went swimming together and then enjoys building sandcastles. Afterwards, they headed to the Pub for some dinner and dancing.

Tanisha does some working out

Tiana did some repairs

Todd was soon a Teenager. He is a Perfectionist and wants to be a painter

Tanisha decided to do some boxing

She helps her son with his school project

Todd does some painting.

Chapter 2.16- A Boy

Sage enjoys playing on the keyboard

Naia becomes an Inquisitive toddler

Potty training starts

Lakshmi enjoys winning

Sage works on her homework

Naia works on her imagination

Yoko enjoys writing

Naia uses the slide

baby 74 Harlan is born, only 26 to go and finally a boy after seven girls

Yoko had space in her household so she went and made her next baby with Nikola

Naia becomes an active child

she loves swinging across the monkey bars

and doing her homework on the swings

She also loves fitness

Winter becomes a Young Adult and moves out. She is materalistic.

Chapter 2.15- Dreams

Thalia loves video games

Baby 73 Naia is born, only 27 to go

Yoko and Harry create her next baby

Sage plays in the tent

and with toys, working hard on her imagination

Birthday time. The twins become Young adults and move out. Tania is a child of the Islands and Thalia is a perfectionist. Sage becomes a child and is mean.

School projects are worked on

Yoko completes her aspiration and now wants to be a writer

She starts writing her first book right away

Yoko finds some music she likes

Chapter 5.9- Family

Tiana is able to cook lots of fancy food

Tanisha decided that dancing is just not for her

Boyd completed his aspiration

Tobias and his wife had a son together

Tiana loves to fix and upgrade things

She soon joined her husband in elderhood

Tanisha plays video games

and keeps in shape

Todd does his homework

and plays with clay

Tanisha works on her speaking skills

Boyd dies of old age

Tanisha enjoys swimming now that the weather is getting warmer

She does some repairs

and helps her son with his school work