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Chapter 5.11- Family outings

Todd has decided he likes mischief

Tanisha now likes gardening

The Family took a trip to the beach where they helped clean the beach, Went swimming together and then enjoys building sandcastles. Afterwards, they headed to the Pub for some dinner and dancing.

Tanisha does some working out

Tiana did some repairs

Todd was soon a Teenager. He is a Perfectionist and wants to be a painter

Tanisha decided to do some boxing

She helps her son with his school project

Todd does some painting.


Chapter 2.12- Outnumbered by girls

Winter enjoys babbling to the bear

and going exploring

She also loves to make messes

Yoko does some paintings

Of course she likes painting

Birthday time. Martha becomes a Young adult and moves out. She is Ambitious. Simon becomes a teen, He is a Loner and Winter becomes a child who loves to recycle.

Yoko makes her next baby with Shawn

The children work on their school projects in the garden

Levanna becomes a Young adult and moves out, She loves the environment

Yoko cleans the bath

Simon plays computer games

Lakshmi is soon an Angelic toddler.

Chapter 5.5- Interests

Blossom got married

Boyd thinks he’s young

Tanisha got a promotion

Tiana is following in her husband’s footsteps

Boyd is now an elder

Tiana loves video games

Todd loves to dance

Tiana enjoys playing and showering in the rain

Todd loves playing with his toys in the new play tent

Tanisha works on her son’s thinking

and works on her fitness

Todd was not happy that his granddad decided to scare him

Boyd plays video games