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Chapter 6.8- Dancing, Dating and Video Games

Perla enjoys dancing

Tanisha enjoys playing video games

Perla is doing really well at school

Todd is a great dancer

Perla has started dating Theo

She enjoys cooking too

Tanisha still loves working out

Todd uses the computer

and does some yoga

Tabitha dies

Perla loves to cook

Tabitha went to Geek con


Chapter 6.7- Being Unique

Perla enjoys ice-skating

Perla enjoys taking Photo’s

and playing in fountains

Tanisha mastered the wellness skill

Perla cleans her messes

and plays video games

Perla becomes a teen who enjoys reading and wants to be an Author

She does some repairs

and starts working on her writing

Good thing she enjoys it

Todd plays video games

Tanisha repairs the tea maker

Todd gets promoted

he does some yoga

He enjoys wellness

Perla uses the computer

The family watch tv together

Tanisha repairs the mircowave

Chapter 6.6- Skills and Fun

Perla does some Yoga

Todd reads with his daughter

Perla plays video games

and the piano

Tanisha finds some music she doesn’t like

Perla enjoys science

She is a good student too

Todd completes his aspiration

He also becomes an adult

Perla completes another aspiration

She is a great student too

Chapter 6.5- Snow, Hobbies and Skills

Todd found a music genre he likes

Perla completed her aspiration

Todd gets promoted

Tanisha does some painting

Perla plays Pirate

She still loves to dance

Todd enjoys playing video games

He works on his logic

Perla found some music she likes

She enjoys playing phonic games on the computer

and swinging across the monkey bars
and making snow angels

Chapter 6.4- Birthdays, Celebrations and Family Bonds

Todd works on his paintings for work

Perla chats away to Tanisha

Todd reads to Perla

He works on his logic

Perla decides to customize her bedroom

She does some dancing

Tanisha found a music genre she likes

Perla is soon a child. She is Creative

She works on her homework

Todd speaks to his daughter about her role in the family legacy

Perla does some art

and plays with some toys

Tanisha does some cleaning

The family has a great winterfest together.

Chapter 6.3- Birthdays, Promotions and Skills

Perla is soon fully potty trained and out of nappies

Todd repairs the dishwasher

He is very hands on with his daughter

Perla enjoys playing with blocks stacking them up and knocking them down

Todd does some cooking

Tanisha still loves to exercise

Tanisha and Todd are still quite close

Tanisha became an elder

Todd gets promoted

Tanisha retires

She now has more time to spend with Perla. She enjoys reading to her

She took up Yoga

Perla loves to chatter away

Tanisha repaired the stove

Todd saves some random stranger from death as they tried to repair the broken rock climbing wall in the rain

Chapter 6.2- Relaxation

Todd had a relaxing day at the Spa

he enjoys playing video games

Madisyn informed Todd she was pregnant, Todd assured her he would take full responsibility as she has an internship planned in a years time.

Todd had fun in the sun

Tobias’s and Tabitha’s children had birthdays

Todd enjoys repairing

Todd gets promoted

Tobias has another child, that makes four now ranging from Newborn to teen

Tanisha uses the gym

Todd gets promoted

Perla is born and left at the Hospital where Todd picks her up. Madisyn was just not ready to be a mum

Before long, Perla is a toddler who loves to climb and explore

Chapter 5.14-Passing the Torch

Tobias and his wife have their second son together.

Tanisha and Todd work on his school project together

Todd does some painting

Tanisha goes jogging around town

She plays some video games at geek con

She masters the skill

Tanisha takes up rock climbing

Todd plays video games

and repairs

Todd enjoys cooking

Todd and Tanisha head into the mountains for some skiing.

Todd soon had his birthday and will now be leading Generation 6. He loves Art.

Chapter 5.13- Relationships

Todd loves to paint

Tiana loves to dance

Todd and Madisyn have been getting close

Todd enjoys playing video games

Tiana dies of old age
Todd learns to Ski

he repairs the bathroom sink

and does some cooking

Tanisha makes some new friends

Todd and Madisyn start dating and decide to go to the pool in winter

Tanisha plays the piano

Chapter 5.12- Celebrations

Tanisha was soon an adult

She does some boxing

and some jogging

Tiana and Tanisha watch the clouds together

The Family celebrates Winterfest together. They have lots of fun decorating the tree and house, singing together, eating together, and opening presents.

Todd uses the computer

and plays video games in just a towel

he also does some push-ups also just in a towel

and some painting