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Round 13, Family 18-Murakami

My wife loves to cook

I work hard on my reports for work

My children work hard on their homework

I clean up the beach

Niahm enjoys science

I repaired the dishwasher

I enjoy video games

Nathan pretends to be a pirate

My wife mixes some drinks

I get promoted

I work on my speech

My wife enjoys fixing and upgrading things

Niahm sometimes joins me when I fish

I did some cooking with the children

Jenni repaired the sink in the bathroom

The twins are really close

I spent some time cleaning up the beach and sea


Round 12, Family 18- Murakami

I do wonder where my daughter keeps finding paint as she loves to decorate the whole house with it, she gets told off then sneaks somewhere else to do it.

My wife spends a lot of time repairing the appliances around the house as they seem to constantly being breaking down

She is doing great at work too and is always coming up with newer drinks for the patrons to try.

I can’t believe I am saying this is so adorable when they are chatting away to each other. They are still the only children in the universe that I like.

They are getting older now and don’t need as much attention. They are mostly able to entertain themselves in thier room.

If Niahm is not occupied, she starts creating messes all over the house, so I decided to do some flashcards with her.

I got some great news, and I got a promotion to a higher level of my career. I now have government backing, so it should be easier for me to keep our island clean.

Just in time too as I am not getting any younger

Neither are the twins, they are now already old enough for school. Niamh is hot-headed, she is going to be so much fun and My Son Nathan is neat.

Having a son who loves to clean is great, he even does the dishes without being asked.

Niahm is currently into science. She loves experimenting and analyzing objects she finds.

Nate enjoys pretending to be a doctor caring for all his sick toys.

My wife got promoted and now gets to choose the bars drink specials.

I have been swamped the last few days as someone has been dumping rubbish in the ocean, and I have been cleaning it up.

My wife enjoys playing chess. She says it keeps her brain sharp.

We moved to the Island that I work on and onto a Eco Friendly lot. This is our new home.

My wife had her birthday too and is now an adult like me.

Chapter 4.2- Saying Goodbye

I read a new book

I made an Igloo

I bonded with Heidi

I played some hopstocth

I did an interview

I watched the cooking channel

Dad got promoted

I played Hopscotch with my grandmother

Grandmother died of old age

I made a new friend

I am a jock

I got promoted

Roxy died of old age

I petted Heidi

Chapter 4.1- Alien Power

Roxy and Heidi get on well and are very playful, they love to climb and play on thier tower.

I gave Heidi a brush

I played some chess on the computer

and played an arcade game

I also cooked some dinner

and played some chess with my grandmother

We also jumped the trampoline despite the snow

Grandmother played on the computer

Roxy and Heidi are still close

Roxy is becoming a great hunter

I got promoted

I visited the children at the hospital

I chatted online

I replenished my brain power

Round 11-Family 18- Murakami

I worked on my logic

Jenni went into labour

We had twins, We named them Nathan and Niahm

Jenni got promoted

I tried to get people involved in keeping the beaches cleaned

My Children were soon toddlers.

They are just so adorable

We celebrated Halloween

Jenni started potty training

She also completed her aspiration