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Chapter 7.9- Creativity

Shayne practises his skill on the small wall

Sally is a good student

Shayne does some cleaning

Lucy masters the mischief skill on prank day whilst pulling pranks on her husband and daughter

Shayne moves onto the more extensive wall now his talent is better

he now has a new lifestyle

he starts a city mural

Lucy is now an adult

she still loves to cook

Sally enjoys creating art

Lucy clogged some sinks and performed some Vodoo, and achieved her aspiration


Chapter 7.1-The New House

Lucy decided to move out of her parent’s house and into this lovely three-bedroom house in Willow Creek.

She soon got her dream job too

Lucy and her mum had a great time at the Flea Festival. Lucy got to meet some great people, find some great stuff and even work on her fitness.

With only her, Lucy worked hard on getting her cooking skill up so she could make meals she enjoyed eating

She still loved her exersize

Lucy raked some leaves

and used her gym

and trolled the forums

Chapter 9.7- Completing goals

Amie and Alina are doing great in school

Alice works on her school project

I do some repairs

I went out dancing

Alice is an outstanding student

The twins were soon teenagers. Alina loves Music and Alice loves to eat

I got promoted

Amie and Alice watch tv

Amie starts dating Keon

The twins watch comedy and chat

Alice starts learning to cook

Amie talks about clouds with Keon

she does some programming

The twins are quite good at making their own meals.

Amie likes to do pranks with her partner in crime Alice.

Amie had her birthday and she will now be telling our families story. Amie is a genius, geek and family oriented.