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Round 13, Family 23-Crazen 2

I do some cooking

I worked on my writing

I met Harrison and we chatted

I like listening to alternative music

I went with Harrison to the Art Gallery. We chatted some and shared ideas. I also studied some art

I also enjoyed going ice skating with Harrison

I enjoy reading

I found a new music genre I like

I got promoted

I reviewed some artists

My sister came to visit and we caught up on each others lives.

I did some art of my own

I visited Granite falls and mostly went fishing. I caught some insects too but the plants weren’t in season so I will try again in the Summer.

I enjoy playing music as well as listening to it.


Chapter 7.5-Sadness

Grace enjoys playing with the shape sorter

Gregorio bonds with Gemma

Gemma plays the xylophone

Willow tickles Gemma

and chats with Grace

Potty training gets done

Willow takes up a new sport

More bonding

Arabella dies of old age

Willow can’t let her sadness get to her and spends more time with the girls who don’t really understand where their great nan has gone

She spends lots of time with Gregorio too, sometimes just watching the stars and thinking out her memories

Arabella prefers to just spend all her time at work and was soon promoted

Willow and Gregorio also enjoy having pillow fights

Grace just loves to sort the shapes

Chapter 7.4- Toddler Training

Gregorio does some exersize with some help, there are plenty of people around to train him.

Arabella repairs the computer and Rebekah enjoys playing video games

The twins are soon toddlers. Gemma has blond hair and yellowish eyes and Grace is the darker of the two with her brown hair and orange eyes. They are both Friendly but Gemma loves the Cold and Grace is Easily Impressed. Gemma is the heir.

Grace loves playing with the shape sorter and is able to focus and keep trying before she finds the correct hole to place the shape into.

Willow started on her daughters skills right away. Whilst Gemma was napping, she helped Grace to walk.

and then started teaching her to use the potty

Both girls were soon asleep and Willow used the time she had to do some exercise

Gemma was the first to learn to talk and caught on right away and was soon chattering away

Gregorio enjoys cooking and is the main cook of the household, Most of the family prefer to eat leftovers or just use the future fridge.

He does help with the girls though and soon started teaching Grace to talk

He also loves playing with his girls ticking them too

Gemma loves to play with toys in the toy box instead of on the floor.

Gregorio soon started teaching her to walk too

Chapter 6.9- Passing on the torch

Waylon plays some foosball

Rebekah plays some shuffleboard

Willow is dating a boy called Gregorio

Rebekah still loves exersize

Waylon loves the snow

Willow is a great studnet

Waylon searched for fairies

Rebekah played chess

Willow played a game

Willow became a young adult and now will be taking over the challenge. Her Final trait was good sense of humor.

Chapter 6.8- Teen Fun

Willow was soon a teenager who loves summer.

Willow enjoys jogging around town

Rebekah and Willow are quite close and are always chatting away

They also love having pillow fights

Arabella enjoys exersizing

Waylon enjoys playing pool

Willow is a good student

Rebekah got promoted

Willow played some darts

Waylon played some games

He became an adult

The family had fun playing a apple bobbing game.

Rebekah also had her birthday

Waylon used the slip n slide

Chapter 6.7- Summer Fun

Soon Summer was here and the Family had a lovely day out at the festival.

Rebekah loves to go swimming

Willow loves having water balloon fights with her friends

Rebekah did some reading

Willow worked on her diving

Arabella played in the fountain

Waylon gained a new trait

Willow played in the tree house

Arabella used the slip n slide

Chapter 6.6- Achievements

Rebekah and Willow play chess together

Waylon got promoted

Rebekah worked out

she also repaired the dishwasher

Waylon did some cooking

and played the piano

Waylon got promoted

Rebekah mastered the logic skill

She completed her dream of having the perfect mind and body

Willow did her homework

Rebekah still loves to exersize

Willow loves pretending

Waylon got another promotion

Chapter 6.5- Family Bonding

Waylon did his first show

He also got promoted

Waylon got some great news

He did a work out

Waylon enjoys going on walks around town with his daughter

Molona went fishing

Rebekah got promoted

She enjoys talking about stars

Rebekah trains her husband

Rebekah and Waylon watch the stars together

Waylon and Rebekah also enjoy playing juice pong

Willow was soon a child one who loved making friends

Rebekah made some pancakes

Rebekah and Willow had a chat about her taking over the family legacy when she comes of age.

Chapter 6.4- Spring Fun

Waylon and Arabella play some juice pong

Rebekah and Waylon are still romantic

Waylon does some exersize

improving his skill

Arabella masters the athletic skill

Waylon enjoys playing darts

The family had lots of fun at the Spring Festival, they took family photo’s , played games and ate food.

Chapter 6.3- Toddler Skilling

Waylon meets all kinds of personalities throughout his working day

Molona died of old age

Rebekah enjoys playing shuffle board

Willow enjoys crawling around the house with her toys

Waylon supports his daughter to walk

Willow also enjoys learning about shapes

Waylon also supports his daughter with toilet training

Waylon is doing great at work too

as is Rebekah

Waylon also enjoys cooking

Rebekah trains her mum

and works on her logic

Waylon goes jogging