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Chapter 7.13- Passing the Torch

Gregorio decided to do a workout

The family had a great Spooky day. They went to the festival and had fun taking seasonal pictures, taking part in seasonal games and activities as well as collecting and decorating Pumpkins.

Rebekah enjoys using the tv in her daughters room to workout

Gemma and Grace are the best of friends as well as sisters and love spending time together

Willow and Gregorio enjoy playing table tennis

Rebekah enjoys using the treadmill

Grace is now handy

Willow enjoys jumping and doing stunts on the trampoline

Waylon and Rebekah enjoy playing catch

Gemma plays table tennis with Willow

Soon Winter arrives and Grace enjoys playing in the snow

The twins soon have their birthdays. Gemma decides to dress for the season. Gemma is Lucky and wants to be a Reinssance sim whereas Grace is great at selling her wares and wants to be a politician. Gemma being heir will now be leading the legacy.


Chapter 7.12- Skills

Willow trains her mum

Rebekah still loves using chat rooms

Gemma enjoys playing computer games

and watching tv shows

Willow enjoys talking about music with the Butler

Willow plays with the shuffle board

Gregorio gets promoted

The girls work on their homework using the table

Gregorio decides to go into classical music

Rebekah plays computer games

Grace does some cooking

Willow and Gregorio are now adults

Grace goes fishing

Chapter 7.11- Hobbies

Willow and Grace enjoy having water balloon fights

Arabella came to visit and Gemma played table tennis with her

Willow teaches Gemma to drive

Gregorio enjoys playing the guitar

Waylon and Rebakah chat about the weather

Grace plays darts

Willow uses the gym

Willow and Grace have a pillow fight

Willow plays computer games

Waylon relaxes in the hot-tub

the twins play table tennis

Grace plays video games

and works out

Chapter 7.10- Birthdays

Willow is a master at fixing and upgrading

Rebekah is now an elder

Rebekah decided to retire

Willow loves playing in the pool

Waylon went to the gym

The twins are now Teenagers. Gemma loves Sculpting and is great at it and Grace loves to work.

Waylon achieved his lifetime wish

he retired

Willow used the slip n slide

Waylon worked on his strength

Willow practised martial arts

Willow taught Grace to drive

Willow mind melded with Grace.

Chapter 7.9- Summer Fun

Gregorio gets promoted

Waylon repaired the washing machine

he went to the gym for a workout

Willow worked on her handiness

Gregorio and Gemma chatted about the weather

Grace used the rocking horse

Gemma played games on the computer

Waylon had his birthday and is now an elder

Now it was getting warmer, Gemma and Willow enjoyed using the pool

The family had a great time at the Festival despite the rain. They enjoyed skating, having a water balloon fight, taking seasonal pictures and getting face painting done.

Chapter 7.8-Skills

Gregorio works on his guitar skill

Willow works on her speaking skills

Willow and Gregorio enjoy challenging each other at table tennis

The girls enjoy doing their homework on the floor in the hallway

Willow helps train her mum

Then she works on her strength

She somehow gets promoted despite never having actually gone to work

Greg and Rebekah chat about comic books as they are both quite geeky

Willow soon masters the Athletic skill

She does some reading

and some upgrades

Waylon has a great concert

Rebekah gets promoted

she uses the computer

Chapter 7.7- Family Time

Rebekah searched the skies

She also relaxed in the hot-tub

Gregorio did some reading

Rebekah went dancing at an empty bar

Gregorio played the guitar

Gemma found the dolls house and enjoyed playing with the dolls

Grace found the playable and decided to use it in her own way

Waylon and Gregorio both got promoted

The twins became children. Gemma loves the heat and Grace hates the outdoors

Grace enjoys battling her granddad at video games

Gregorio enjoys reading bedtime stories to his girls

Willow still tries to spend a lot of time with the girls

Gemma enjoys playing video games

Chapter 7.6- Spring Fun

Gemma loves to make music

Willow loves her daughters and spends most of her time with them

Rebekah enjoys making new friends and chatting with them online

The Family took a trip to the Spring Festival and had lots of fun taking seasonal pictures, playing games, dancing and searching for eggs.

Willow enjoys reading

Waylon chooses unique places to sing such as the middle of the road.

Rebekah repaired a radio and her relative gave her some money for it.

Chapter 7.5-Sadness

Grace enjoys playing with the shape sorter

Gregorio bonds with Gemma

Gemma plays the xylophone

Willow tickles Gemma

and chats with Grace

Potty training gets done

Willow takes up a new sport

More bonding

Arabella dies of old age

Willow can’t let her sadness get to her and spends more time with the girls who don’t really understand where their great nan has gone

She spends lots of time with Gregorio too, sometimes just watching the stars and thinking out her memories

Arabella prefers to just spend all her time at work and was soon promoted

Willow and Gregorio also enjoy having pillow fights

Grace just loves to sort the shapes

Chapter 7.4- Toddler Training

Gregorio does some exersize with some help, there are plenty of people around to train him.

Arabella repairs the computer and Rebekah enjoys playing video games

The twins are soon toddlers. Gemma has blond hair and yellowish eyes and Grace is the darker of the two with her brown hair and orange eyes. They are both Friendly but Gemma loves the Cold and Grace is Easily Impressed. Gemma is the heir.

Grace loves playing with the shape sorter and is able to focus and keep trying before she finds the correct hole to place the shape into.

Willow started on her daughters skills right away. Whilst Gemma was napping, she helped Grace to walk.

and then started teaching her to use the potty

Both girls were soon asleep and Willow used the time she had to do some exercise

Gemma was the first to learn to talk and caught on right away and was soon chattering away

Gregorio enjoys cooking and is the main cook of the household, Most of the family prefer to eat leftovers or just use the future fridge.

He does help with the girls though and soon started teaching Grace to talk

He also loves playing with his girls ticking them too

Gemma loves to play with toys in the toy box instead of on the floor.

Gregorio soon started teaching her to walk too