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Chapter 3.3- The Park

Carissa soon masters the gardening skill too

She decides to go fishing at the new park

She achieves her aspiration

She also masters the cooking skill

Shingo enjoys video games

Lila becomes a Genius as a child

she enjoys doing her homework in the bathroom

Carissa gets promoted

She works on her garden

Carissa and Lila enjoy playing chess at the park

The Park. It has a Gender-neutral bathroom, a chess-playing area, basketball courts, a Yoga area, Fishing lakes, allotments, eating and grilling area, and a children’s play area.

Lila plays with toys

and on the play gym at the park

Lila enjoys exersize

she works on her mental skill

Carissa gets promoted


Chapter 6.14- A Wedding

Lilith invites boyfriend Cason over

They get Engaged

They have a lovely wedding at the park despite the rain then Lilith moves in with Cason and his family.

Lazora is dating Esteban

They enjoy watching the skies together

Samuel dances

Pandora and Lucy repair and clean the bathroom

Chapter 1.4- Making Friends

Lily has become great friends with Luca Munch

Chris plays with his son in the bathroom

Marisol gets promoted

and plays chess

Chris mastered the fishing skill

Rose finds Art a relaxing hobby

Marisol did some repairs in the bathroom

The girls get on well

Basil becomes a child who loves art. His aspiration is Artistic Prodigy

Rose enjoys experimenting

Chris found a new place to fish

he completed his aspiration

Lily and Rose enjoy hanging out in the new backyard to do their homework

Marisol got promoted

She looked at some plant slides

Basil played some chess and made some art

Lily completed her aspiration.

Chapter 1.3- Additions

Chloe soon went into labour and her son Lewis was born.

Soon it was Christmas and Chloe had lots of fun celebrating with her new roommate, she couldn’t wait until Lewis was old enough to enjoy it too, he just enjoyed crawling through the boxes and playing with the wrapping paper.

She took Lewis to the park one day and run into Laurent and his Wife, turns out he wasn’t really an astronaut, they had words and Chloe walked away.

Chloe loves the snow there is just so much fun things to do with it

Lewis was getting bigger and bigger every day and was soon a toddler. Lewis is silly and likes to make everyone laugh.

He loves the snow too, he can throw it around

He also loves to babble away to his mummy as she works hard on writing her next book.

Chapter 2.4- Scouts Queen

Lyric enjoys reading stories with his daughter

Payton visited the town over the pond park and played for tips

Little Dawn joined the scouts

Lyric is doing great at work and soon was promoted again

He is a very hands on dad and enjoys helping Dawn with her homework

Dawn enjoys pretending to be a doctor

Lyric does some more painting

Dawn is doing great in school

she loves science and likes to make potions and do experiments

Payton got promoted and got a free piano

Dawn is really collecting the badges

Dawn is also doing great with her skills too.

Chapter 2.13- Logical Pursuits

I really love to play the guitar.
I am getting good too
I sued some idiot who tried to say I wet myself in public
I am very popular when I play for tips in the park.
Nicky has a new friend Nigel, they are quite close despite the fact Nigel hates art.
Me and Jammie are becoming close and we have a weekly outing every Saturday.
We drop the kids at Mateo’s and we spend the day together.
Nigel and Nicky love to have water fights in the rain
Sebastien mastered the shape sorter
Nicky also loves to talk about the weather
Soon it is birthday time again, Nicky is a teenager who loves heat and Sebastien is a child who loves sports and exercise.
He also loves to beat me at chess
I had to repair the toilet
Sebastien searched the galaxy and actually found something.

Chapter 2.8- A New Start

I was offered a contract in the town of Starlight Shores and I thought it would be best for the boys if Kathryn weren’t around as she had been spreading some rumours. I am glad they never got to know her. This is mine and the boys new home.
My parents are elders now and I thought it was time, I stood on my own two feet, they bought a lovely one bedroom bungalow with the money they had saved up through the years, it’s quite close so the boys can still visit them but I am now officially on my own.
It is quite hard as Seb is a very needy baby who loves to eat but I am doing well, I think. I have to run sometimes so he doesn’t wake his brother up.
My dad had found a new hobby
I am earning quite a lot which is good as it pays for the boys daycare, I do between 5-10 sing a grams a day.
My dad got a licence to do his singing and guitar playing on the streets.
I got a promotion, I am so glad my hard work and talent is paying off.
Seb does love to be cuddled.
Dad is doing well with his tips
I try to cook healthy meals for me and the boys.
I also play for tips and have quite the fan base.
I even got my first gig at the local park.

Chapter 4.3- Hello Ebony


Daisy was soon expecting their first child

She improved her cooking and handiness skills at the library.

Soon she gave birth to her first child, a little girl that she called Ebony.

A year flew by and before you knew it, Ebony was a toddler with her dads features and mums skintone and hair colour.

Toddler spam

The family took a trip to the summer festival

Daisy taught Ebony her toddler skills


She was soon expecting her 2nd child.


She loved taking Ebony to the park even if sometimes it was hard to get Ebony to come off the riders,


Ebony also loved playing with her horse toy that she got from her grandparents


Daisy still found time and energy to play aeroplanes with Ebony despite her pregnancy.