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Chapter 7.9-Skilling

Theo gets promoted

Tamsin does some cooking

Tammy and Tonya have a close bond

Tamsin enjoys dancing

Theo cleaned the toilet
and then upgraded it
He did some recycling
Tammy likes exersize
The children work on their school projects
Tonya becomes a teen and loves the environment
Theo works on repairs

Tamsin and Tammy are great students


Chapter 7.7- Sibling Bonds

Perla repairs the sink#

Perla found a new music genre she likes

Theo had his birthday

The children get on well

Perla cleans
Tammy becomes a child and is a child of the islands

Tamsin loves exersize

Tonya enjoys playing with toys in the kitchen

Thomas enjoys reading in bed

Perla repairs the computer

Tammy gets a time out for making a mess

Tammy plays with the monster toy

Homework is done

Chapter 6.1- Painting, dates, and repairs

Rainbow Brite was used so most of the furniture was changed to grey

Todd joined the painting career

He did some painting

and mastered the skill

Todd and Madisyn enjoy spending time together, they enjoy relaxing at the bluffs

Todd enjoys playing video games

he repairs

Madisyn and Todd enjoy spending time together

Tanisha is a great worker

Todd paints

Tanisha works out

Tanisha likes fixing things

Todd gets promoted