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Chapter 6.14- A Wedding

Lilith invites boyfriend Cason over

They get Engaged

They have a lovely wedding at the park despite the rain then Lilith moves in with Cason and his family.

Lazora is dating Esteban

They enjoy watching the skies together

Samuel dances

Pandora and Lucy repair and clean the bathroom


Chapter 6.13- Family Bonds

Lazora and Lucy enjoy dancing

Eleanor uses the computer

Lilith makes lunch

Pandora enjoys cooking

Eleanor and Samuel have a mud fight

Pandora bonds with her baby brother

Mara makes a salad

Lilith and Lucy have a chat

Lenord becomes a silly toddler

Cute toddler spam

Lucy takes out her anger on the bear

Lilith becomes a Young Adult. She is Clumsy

Chapter 6.12- The Suprise

Lilith and Cason started dating

Lazora tried to cook breakfast

She managed to start a fire

Lilith did some cooking

Lucy became a teenager an evil one

Lazora cooked again and this time luckily there was no fire

Lucy worked on her logic

Samuel played games on the computer

Eleanor cleaned the bathroom

Lilith and Cason became offical

Eleanor cleaned

Soon she went into labour with her unplanned baby and it is a boy. Meet Lenord.

The girls work on thier school projects

The twins become teens. Mara is a goofball and Pandora loves music.

Chapter 6.11- Repairs

Lucy enjoys playing computer games

Lazora and Samuel play chess

Homework is done

Mara enjoys dancing

Lazora and Pandora enjoy playing chess

Eleanor becomes an adult

She still loves to dance

she shovels some snow

Samuel does some cleaning

Lucy and Mara enjoy dancing

Eleanor plays dolls with Pandora

Lazora plays computer games

She repairs the sink

and does some dancing

Chapter 6.10-Winter Fun

Eleanor plays dolls with Lucy

Lilith cooks breakfast

Samuel repairs the dishwasher

Eleanor works out

Mara plays with dolls

Pandora dances

and cleans

Mara plays computer games

Soon it is Winterfest and the family has a great day as a family. They decorate the tree together, open presents and eat together

Eleanor cleans the kitchen

and Samuel does the bathroom

Lazora becomes a teenager whose sqeasmish.

Chapter 6.9- No More toddlers

Most of the family love to dance

Samuel became an adult

The twins became children. Pandora is a genius and Mara is a loner

Eleanor repaired the bathroom sink

and did some cleaning

Pandora enjoys playing with dolls

Eleanor uses the computer

Mara does some science

Lilith becomes a teenager. She is self absorbed

Eleanor did some cleaning

and some repairs

Samuel and Lilith played chess

The twins work on thier school projects despite the snow

Chapter 6.8- Family Bonds

Lazora and Lilith are quite close and often chatter away

Lilith is a good student

She does love playing computer games

Lilith even ropes her parents into helping with her school projects

Lucy practices her stealth

and likes keeping in shape

Samuel cooks dinner

Lilith uses the computer

and mops up her sisters messes

Eleanor dances

Pandora explores the house

Eleanor reads to Pandora

Samuel spins Mara around

Mara plays with blocks

Lilith pretends to be a doctor

Chapter 6.7- Helpful Children

Eleanor potty trains Mara

Lucy Dances

Pandora plays with blocks

Eleanor swings Mara around

Lilith plays video games

The twins dance

Samuel and Lazora play a game

Samuel repairs the dishwasher

Eleanor reads to Pandora

Lilith does some art

Lazora plays with the dolls house

Lucy becomes an active child

Lazora loves her dad

She enjoys cleaning too

Chapter 6.6- Birthdays

Eleanor swings Lazora around

She plays dolls with Lilith

Samuel reads to Lucy

and does flashcards with her

Eleanor dances

and cooks

Lazora does some dancing

Samuel plays with Lazora

and repairs the radio

The twins become toddlers. Pandora is a Charmer and Mara Angelic

Lucy plays with toys

Lazora becomes a child who loves recycling

Lilith decides she’s not into pop music

Chapter 6.5- A Complete Family

Samuel is into fitness

He does some cleaning

Eleanor does flashcards with Lazora

Samuel plays with his daughter

Lucy becomes a wild toddler

Samuel potty trains her

The house was extended

Lilith becomes a Genius as a child

Lucy does some dancing

Lilith decides that Spooky Music is not for her

Lilith chats with her parents

Samuel repairs the sink

The twins Pandora and Mara are born.