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Round 13, Family 11- Gherda

Bethany loves chatting away to the bear

I did some cooking

I worked on Bethany’s thinking

My wife still repairs despite her advancing pregnancy

Mum still enjoys cooking

I spent some time with Hazely

I also had my birthday

Bethany plays with dolls

Blossom had her birthday and is an Inquisitive toddler

My wife started potty training her right away

Blossom also loves playing with dolls

Belinda got promoted

Good thing too as we are now parents to four girls. Meet Bonita and Bernice. I have decided our family is now complete.

Blossom loves to dance

and playing with blocks

Bethany enjoys playing in the new play tent.

Birthdays, They grow up so quick. Bethany is now Evil, fun. Bonita is Clingy and Bernice is Silly.

Bernice found the toy box and loves playing imaginative games with a variety of toys

Bonita loves playing with Hazely and will chase him around the whole house

The twins are close and love to hug and play together

With Four children, I decided that I would need a job too and am now a Novelist

Bethany has fun playing pirates in the special garden that I had created on the roof

I have decided that I hate fixing and repairing things.


Round 12, Family 24- Gherda 2

With my Savings, I was able to afford this great trailer and had some money left over.

I was also able to get a job as an actress and I chose an agency that could get me a variety of roles so I could make my way up.

The auditions are all different but I was offered one on a children’s commercial so I practiced and honed my guitar playing skills.

Mum comes to visit me at my new home a lot, she asks about my life and talks about my brother and his family, I am an aunt now

I passed my first Audition and got the part. I also did quite well at the part and got gold.

I also need to stay in shape so I cook healthy meals instead of living on fast food

My brother came to visit and we had a chat. He does love my hot-tub though

I am getting better at the cooking too

I have been getting quite close with one of my co-workers too and we had a great meal together.

He visits a lot and we enjoy cloud gazing.