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Chapter 4.15- Passing on the legacy

My wife is becoming quite active
I had to unclog the toilet
Matias has started dating
Isabella started learning to cook
Caroline has taken up dance, I still prefer to use the treadmill
Caroline is becoming quite the celeb
Dad prefers to cook
I improved my athletic skill
Dad did some reading
I did another gig at a private venue and I got excellent Reviews
My wife is becoming quite the nerd but decided to keep her rebel trait
Before I knew it, Isabella was an Adult and now will be leading this legacy. She loves to learn and wants to become a teacher to help others learn and love to.


Chapter 4.12- Fun Filled Days

Caroline loves to play video games and sometimes dad joins in. She mostly wins being the nerd that she is.
I have been feeling old lately so I headed down to our hobby house and did some working out.

I also was up quite early so I made some pancakes for when my wife, dad and children get up. I also improved my cooking skill whilst doing so I guess practice does make perfect.
I had to repair the washing machine as somehow the maid managed to break it. I didn’t want a swimming pool in my kitchen and dad is getting on in years, I didn’t want him to break his hip or something.

The children went on their trip to the police station and of course Matias had to lock a police officer in a cell, Even Isabella didn’t behave, she started playing with some objects on the inspector’s desk, kids.
My uncle is becoming quite the Artist and is quite well known in these parts.

I made a speech and improved my charisma, I am hoping it will get me more fans and more fans mean more gigs, I want to be a famous magician after all.
I was still feeling old so I decided to treat myself to some new nightwear.
Matias loves to fish and he doesn’t care about the weather whilst doing so.
Caroline got promoted
I am a Uncle again, My Brother Santiago just became daddy again to a little girl this time.

Soon it was Snowflake day and we took a trip to the winter festival as a family. We had lots of fun skating, snowboarding and playing in the snow.