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Chapter 2.24- Birthdays

Yoko meets up with her next Baby Daddy Damien

Tamara enjoys playing Pirate

Eartha enjoys being imaginative

Tamara works on her homework

Yoko repairs the dishwasher

Tamara loves video games

Birthdays. Nissa becomes Proper as a Young Adult and moves out. Eartha becomes Sqeamish as a child.

Yoko repairs the tv

and does some painting

Bede does the dishes

Rashida becomes a fussy toddler

Yoko starts potty training

Tamara and Eartha play chess together

Rashida plays in the tent

Yoko found a music genre she likes

Bede and Tamara are soon teenagers. Bede is a loner who wants to be famous and Tamara loves dogs and wants to be a collector

Tamara and Bede work on their logic skills

Baby 80 Delaney is born, only 20 to go

Tamara does flashcards with Rashida

Bede works on his speaking skills

More birthdays. Rashida loves Art and Delaney is fussy

Rashida enjoys swinging across the monkey bars

Delaney enjoys being imaginative in the play tent

Eartha enjoys exersize

and playing video games

Bede enjoys dancing

Delaney plays in the ball pit

more birthdays. Eartha loves Animals and wants to be a Computer Whiz. Delaney is a loner.

School Projects are worked on.

Chapter 2.23- Winter

Nissa cleans the toilet

Tamara still loves making messes

Bede enjoys playing computer games

Tamara enjoys playing pirate

Nissa made a snow angel

Eartha used the slide

School projects

Eartha enjoys playing in the ball pit and watching her siblings

Baby 79 Rashida is born, Only 21 to go

Chapter 2.22- Imagination

Bede loves swinging across the monkey bars even in the snow

Nissa still loves to play in the play tent

Tamara babbles to the bear

and also plays in the tent

Yoko goes into labour and Baby 78 Eartha is born, only 22 to go now

Birthdays. Harlan becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is a freegan. Nissa becomes a teen who no longer eats meat.

Nissa plays some video games

Bede goes in the play tent

Yoko and Ren create her next Baby

Tamara makes a mess

Eartha is soon a Fussy toddler and Tamara becomes a child who enjoys adventures.

Potty training soon starts

Tamara uses the computer

Chapter 2.21- Winter

Bede has fun working on his imagination.

Birthdays. Naia becomes a Clumsy Young adult and moves out. Harlan is an active teen.

School projects get done in the snow

Harlan doesn’t like mischief

Yoko works on her son Bede’s speaking

Bede has fun in the ball pit

Baby 77 Tamara is born, only 23 to go

Yoko and Edward make her next baby

Harlan works on his logic

Birthdays, Bede is now a neat child and Tamara is a little Charmer

Tamara plays with blocks

Chapter 2.20- Art

Nissa enjoys creating her own Art

Harlan enjoys playing music

he soon mastered the creativity skill

Nissa enjoys creating art throughout the house

She enjoys playing with toys too

The siblings get on well

Naia enjoys using the computer to search forums

She also works on her piano skills

Nissa does some more art

Nissa found some music she likes

She loves to dance

She enjoys playing with her baby brother too

Harlan enjoys doing science

Nissa mops the bathroom

Bede becomes an Inquisitive toddler

Chapter 2.18-Schoolwork

Yoko masters the writing skill

Birthdays. Sage becomes a Bro as a teen and Harlan is a hot-headed child

Yoko and Blake make her next baby

Harlan enjoys using the swings

School project time

Harlan does some art

Nissa becomes an Inquisitive toddler

Potty training commences

Lakshmi is soon an non-committal young adult

Sage does some repairs

Homework is done

Nissa plays in the tent and works on her imagination

The slip n slide is used

Chapter 2.17- Being Creative

Birthday time. Lakshmi is now a Geeky teen and Harlan is an independent toddler.

He starts using the potty right away

Naia uses the computer

and does some art

Sage enjoys doing art too

and moulding clay

Harlan loves using the slide

Naia mastered the motor skill

Yoko goes into labour and has Baby 75 Nissa, only 25 to go. I wonder if we have another 7 girls before we get another boy.

Lakshmi enjoys cooking

Sage enjoys playing with toys

Yoko repairs the bathroom sink

Harlan finds and plays in the ball pit