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Chapter 7.3- Family Bonds

Willow was soon expecting her first child. She found out while having fun at the Winter Festival.

Willow still likes to visit the local clubs and keep people noticing her.

Rebekah enjoys reading

Willow enjoys playing computer games

Soon Willow ent into labour, and the Twins Gemma and Grace were born.

Willow likes to keep in shape.

Waylon was doing a Sing-A-Gram when he caught on fire and had to find a shower to put himself out.

Willow is a very doting mum and adores her daughters

She mind melded with her mum

They also spoke about comic books

Willow also enjoys playing darts

Arabella loves being a grandmother and is always snuggling and playing with her granddaughters.

Willow has found a love of cooking and likes to experiment with different recipes.


Chapter 7.2- Winter Fun

Waylon went dancing on his agent’s orders

He also had some fun whilst there

Willow and Gregorio are romantic everywhere

Arabella plays the gnomes game

Willow does her weekly workout

She gets promoted despite never having done any work

She trains her mum

The family took a trip to the festival together, where they enjoyed Ice-skating, snowboarding, playing in the snow, and taking seasonal pictures.

Chapter 7.1- The Start

Willow got a job as an acorbat

Gregorio came over and they got married.

Willow went skinny dipping

Gregorio got a job

he worked on his guitar skills

Waylon did his singing gig

Rebekah got promoted

she searched for stars

She went out for a drink

She chatted about planets

Chapter 6.8- Teen Fun

Willow was soon a teenager who loves summer.

Willow enjoys jogging around town

Rebekah and Willow are quite close and are always chatting away

They also love having pillow fights

Arabella enjoys exersizing

Waylon enjoys playing pool

Willow is a good student

Rebekah got promoted

Willow played some darts

Waylon played some games

He became an adult

The family had fun playing a apple bobbing game.

Rebekah also had her birthday

Waylon used the slip n slide

Chapter 6.7- Summer Fun

Soon Summer was here and the Family had a lovely day out at the festival.

Rebekah loves to go swimming

Willow loves having water balloon fights with her friends

Rebekah did some reading

Willow worked on her diving

Arabella played in the fountain

Waylon gained a new trait

Willow played in the tree house

Arabella used the slip n slide

Chapter 6.6- Achievements

Rebekah and Willow play chess together

Waylon got promoted

Rebekah worked out

she also repaired the dishwasher

Waylon did some cooking

and played the piano

Waylon got promoted

Rebekah mastered the logic skill

She completed her dream of having the perfect mind and body

Willow did her homework

Rebekah still loves to exersize

Willow loves pretending

Waylon got another promotion

Chapter 6.5- Family Bonding

Waylon did his first show

He also got promoted

Waylon got some great news

He did a work out

Waylon enjoys going on walks around town with his daughter

Molona went fishing

Rebekah got promoted

She enjoys talking about stars

Rebekah trains her husband

Rebekah and Waylon watch the stars together

Waylon and Rebekah also enjoy playing juice pong

Willow was soon a child one who loved making friends

Rebekah made some pancakes

Rebekah and Willow had a chat about her taking over the family legacy when she comes of age.

Chapter 6.4- Spring Fun

Waylon and Arabella play some juice pong

Rebekah and Waylon are still romantic

Waylon does some exersize

improving his skill

Arabella masters the athletic skill

Waylon enjoys playing darts

The family had lots of fun at the Spring Festival, they took family photo’s , played games and ate food.

Chapter 6.2- The Heir

Rebekah soon mastered the athletic skill

Rebekah and Waylon discuss the upcoming birth and how this will be thier only child.

Rebekah is becoming more of a nerd every day

Waylon has fun in the snow between jobs

Waylon got his future told and wasted some money

Arabella and Molona play catch together

Willow is born

Rebekah is a very hands on mum but loves when when her daughter finally sleeps

Waylon’s singing skills are much in demand

Rebekah still loves to be active

Willow was soon a toddler. She is active like her mum and a bit neurotic too.

Waylon started working on his daughter’s language skills right away

Rebekah is doing great at work

Chapter 6.1-Family Additions

Rebekah got her dream job

She did some investing too in the local buisnesses

Rebekah also loves to keep in shape.

Rebekah and Waylon were soon ready to tie the knot and did it right in front of the door.

Waylon is now to be a singer

He has a quirky stage name too

Waylon worked on his logic

He always has to add some flair when doing his job such as sinking in the snow singing

Rebekah enjoys playing in the snow

Rebekah and Waylon are a very affectionate couple.

Soon Rebekah was pregnant

Rebekah doesn’t let her pregnancy stop her from staying in shape.