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Chapter 2.31- Outdoor Fun

Dixie is soon a clingy toddler

Digby helps with potty training his sister

Joubert becomes a Squeamish child

Dixie plays with blocks

Joubert plays pirate

Digby finds a music genre he likes

Dixie plays in the tent

Baby 98 Peter is born, only two to go

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Philip

Digby dances

as does Joubert

Birthdays. Joubert becomes a teen who loves dancing and wants to make many enemies. Digby becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is Erratic. Dixie becomes a child who will eat anything and Peter is a fussy toddler.

Dixie plays doctor

Joubert plays computer games

Dixie works on her school projects

Peter works on his imagination

Yoko makes her next baby. She had a baby girl Pauline with Philip.

Peter plays with blocks

Dixie does some science

Birthdays. Joubert becomes a Young adult and moves out. He loves to read. Dixie becomes a teen who can’t have milk and wants to be a bartender. Peter is a Active child and Baby 99 Pauline is Clingy.

Dixie enjoys playing computer games

Pauline hates coming out the ball pit

Yoko works on her fitness

Peter enjoys exersize

Dixie loves video games


Chapter 2.30- Night owls

Dermot plays on the monkey bars

Burt uses the computer

Dermot is a child who just loves to be outside despite the weather

Digby is soon a very curious toddler

Burt plays outside

Birthdays. Burt and Bena become young adults and move out. Burt is non committal and Bena is a freegan. Daisy and Dolly are teens. Daisy likes borrowing things without asking and wants to have a successful family. Dolly is clumsy and wants to find her soulmate.

Yoko made her next baby with Jerome

Daisy does some exercise

Deva uses the slip n slide

Daisy repairs a sink

More birthdays. Dermot and Deva are now teens. Dermot loves being outside and wants to be a bodybuilder. Deva is a Bro and wants to be a Academic. Daisy and Dolly become young adults and move out. Daisy is Active and Dolly is Squeamish.

Deva loves video games

Dermot enjoys boxing

Digby plays with blocks

Daisy plays on the computer

Baby 96 Joubert is born, only 4 to go

Joubert becomes a wild toddler

Digby becomes a child who likes making people laugh.

Yoko met up with her next baby daddy Devin

Joubert works on his creativity

Baby 97 Dixie is born, only three to go

Dermot uses the slip n slide

Dermot and Deva become Young adults and move out. Dermot is Paranoid and Deva loves to dance.

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Phoenix

Digby is soon a cheerful teenager.