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Chapter 2.32- The End

Peter uses the computer

Baby 100 Aldous is born. Now just to grow up and move the babies out.

Peter works out

Dixie becomes a young Adult and moves out. She is Romantic. Pauline loves music

Peter works on his school project

Pauline plays in the tent

Aldous becomes a fussy toddler

Peter is soon a teenager. He is Lactose Intolerant and wants to grow a vampire family.

Peter enjoys playing computer games

Yoko works on Aldous’s thinking

and his movement

Pauline becomes a Jealous teen who wants to have a big family

She has fun on the slip n slide

Aldous works on imagination

Peter becomes a Young Adult and moves out. He is Erratic. Aldous becomes a child, a proper one

he works on his mental skill

Yoko repairs the computer in the art room

Pauline cleans up the kitchen

Aldous plays with toys

Birthdays. Aldous becomes a teen, he is cheerful and wants to be a bodybuilder. Pauline moves out, she is Erratic.

Aldous uses the slip n slide

he does some boxing

Yoko uses the computer, with just one teen in the house, she has lots of spare time

Aldous repairs

Aldous is soon a Young Adult and the challenge is now completed. His final trait is Bookworm.