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Chapter 2.28- Boys Galore

The ball pit gets a lot of use

Romain enjoys being active

Juan plays in the tent

does flashcards with Yoko

and plays with blocks

Ace fails at doing tricks

Juan has fun in the toddler pool

Ace does some cooking

Birthdays. Ace and Lambert become Young Adults and move out. Ace hates children and Lambert is a loner. The triplets are teenagers and Juan is a child who likes being active. Rider is Self-Assured and wants to be rich. Randall eats anything and loves to knit. Romain loves free things and wants to be a master at winter sports.

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Bryson

Juan pretends to be a pirate

and works on his school project

Yoko repairs the toilet

Babies 89 and 90 are born Burt and Bena, only 10 to go

Yoko meets up with her next baby daddy Diego

They are soon toddlers. Burt is Angelic and Bena is Clingy

Moira becomes a Young Adult and moves out. She is Unflirty.

More birthdays. Juan is now a teenager who is outgoing and wants to learn all the potions. The triplets become Young Adults and move out. Randall is high Maintenance, Romain is Proper and Rider is a foodie.

Burt enjoys playing with Blocks

Babies 91 and 92 Daisy and Dolly are soon born, only 8 to go

The twins work on their skills


Chapter 2.27- Red Heads Galore

Birthdays. Rider is Silly, Randall is Wild and Romain is Fussy. Lambert is Creative

Rider enjoys playing with the blocks

Romain and Randall are always babbling away to each other

Randall just loves to chatter away

Lambert works on his mental skill

The children work on their homework

Ace enjoys playing video games

Romain enjoys being imaginative

Rider plays in the ball pit

Ace helps with toilet training

Moira becomes a Teenager. She loves dogs and wants to have many relationships.

Romain decides to redecorate the kids and teens room

Randall enjoys playing with the blocks

Baby 88 Juan is born, Only 12 to go

Moira enjoys keeping in shape

so does Yoko

More birthdays. Rider loves Music, Randall and Romain both love to read. Juan is Angelic

Ronald comes to visit

Romain plays pirate

Lambert is soon a teen. He loves being outside and wants to have many animal friends

Dancing fun

Lambert goes Swimming

Randall plays with the farmhouse and animals

Ace uses the slip n slide

Randall plays on the monkey bars