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Chapter 6.6- Creative Pursuits

I had to recharge

I found a star

I got promoted

I did some painting

I mastered bot bluilding

I changed careers

I mastered writing

I got promoted

I cooked dinner

My books are selling really well

I did some exersize

I painted

I did a tune up on Hard Drive

I enjoy having pillow fights with Brandt


Chapter 6.5- Science

Thomas becomes a young adult and moves out

Dad is now an elder

I read a book

I enjoy researching nanites and traits and then creating them

I also made a Plumbot who can clean, fix things and care for children.

I went crystal hunting

I did some experimenting

I played in the ocean

I watched a wild horse

I made a new celebrity friend

Chapter 6.4- Winter

Mark became a Young Adult and moved out. He loves Animals and wants to have his very own ark.

I did some painting

and the laundry

I played bass at the park

I was soon a Young Adult. I am a daredevil who wants to master Painting and Guitar

I enjoy playing in the snow

I now love to read

I got a job

I did some reading

I relaxed in the hot-tub

I searched the galaxy

I did some cooking

Chapter 6.2- Recharging

Thomas enjoys playing chess

Mark cleaned

I did some painting

I also am now a teenager, a romantic one

I still enjoy writing books

I got a job at the bookstore

Mum and Dad love playing video games together

I love having pillow fights

My brother gained a new trait

Dad taught me to drive and it was lots of fun

I played games on the computer

Mum got promoted

and gained a new trait

I played video games

and charged my brain.

Chapter 6.1- Summer Fun

I soon had my birthday and am now an Night Owl.

I wanted to learn writing so took a writing class at the local business offices.

I also love pretending to be a cow girl

I started writing my first book

I always chose skill books for my bedtime story

I don’t always get enough sleep and sometimes I crash

I always do my homework

I started writing another book

I worked on my homework even though it was hard to concencrate with Tommy’s crying.

I took a trip to the summer festival and had some fun throwing water balloons and eating food.

I enjoy relaxing on the balcony

I finished another book

My brothers both have thier birthdays. Thomas is now a child with no sense of humor and Mark is a teen who likes caring for the enviroment.

Chapter 5.15- Moving

I had some fun with my wife in the leaves

Mark likes pretending to be the king presiding over his subjects.

i had my birthday

Thomas is now a toddler. He is a evil genius

Tracey taught him to use the potty

Mark is over being royalty now and is pretending to be a cowboy catching bandits

I gave a gift to an old friend

We have moved house with space to expand on the second floor as our children get older. We turned the garage into a hobby room

I taught Thomas to walk

Mark enjoys having pretend feasts in the treehouse.

Chapter 5.14- Birthdays

The children are mostly able to entertain themselves

Thomas is more needy then the other two were and needs a lot of attention

Tracey enjoys snuggling our babies, she says they are growing up too quick.

Mark is already old enough for school. He has star quality too

I read him to sleep every night

He enjoys dressing up as a prince

and pretending he is one, prancing around the house.

Mark also enjoys being a little scientist and making potions

My wife still works hard on her sculptures.

She is an adult now too.

Chapter 5.13- Hello Thomas

I played some computer games to relax after a hard day at work

I spent some time with my children

I taught Tina to use the potty

and to talk

My wife did some inventing

and improved her skill

i chatted with Tina

Tina loves to play the xylophone and can spend hours tapping away on the keys.

My wife works on her sculptures

Tina plays with toys

I did some cleaning

Tracey did some exercise despite being 8 months pregnant

I went to a party and become friends with River again

My wife went into labour whilst jogging and headed home to have our third child. We named him Thomas

Chapter 5.12- Babysitter

I did the washing, with two young children, it really piles up

I chatted with my wife

Tracey did some inventing

I snuggled my son

My Son is a little escape artist and is forever getting out the front door. My wife is quick and always gets him before he gets too far and tickles him.

We are very hands on parents and spend as much time with our children as possible but soon we will have to hire a babysitter as we are going back to work.

When the children are sleeping, we like to sit on the porch together and watch the stars.

Tina has got so big and is now a toddler, She is good and Artistic.

Our babysitter is quite good and both children love her. She takes good care of them too and they are happy when we get home from work.

Soon my wife found out she was expecting our third child

Tracey started teaching Tina to walk.

I am doing great at work too and am now in management