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Round 11, Family 20-Roswell

Edgar uses the potty

Ebony grades her students papers

Edgar is soon a child who likes to steal things

Eileen is born

I repair the computer

My daughter loves attention and constantly wants it

She does love to babble away to the bear

Edgar and Eileen enjoy making sandcastles together

I love fishing


Chapter 3.2- Summer Fun

Jane enjoys reading

Jane and Abram play some juice pong

Jane chats about ghosts and spirits with her dad

Jane was soon pregnant with her first child.

Being on maternity leave gave her a lot of spare time so she decided to visit the Summer Festival where she had lots of fun. She took a Seasonal Picture, had some ice-cream and played horseshoes. Sadly she couldn’t go ice-skating or have a water balloon fight.

She could still play Catch though and that is what she and her husband enjoy playing at night

Despite not working, Jane still got promoted as her logic skill was improving

Abram was also doing well at work and now actually gets to work in the classroom

Jane was out for a stroll when she went into labour and her son Adam was born. He rolled good and loves the outdoors traits.

She also gained a new trait too

The whole family took a trip to the Festival this time. They had lots of fun including face painting, soccer playing and eating.

Jane enjoys playing video games

and searching for stars

She also cleaned the toilet.

Chapter 5.7- Toddlers

Working with children is very rewarding but also can be fun with never a boring day.
My male relatives love to try to beat each other at video games, despite being in their forties and sixties, they sometimes act like kids.
I got promoted and now have my own classroom in which to teach children.
I did some laundry
Where have the years gone, the triplets are already having their toddler birthday.

They are adorable and all inherited my blond locks.
Dad is a great help with them and started teaching Luis his skills.
I got another promotion and now teach teenagers, this should be fun and good practice for the future when I have three of them.
Mum also got promoted

Dad started to work on the girls toddler skills.
Some sad news, my grandfather died of old age, I am so glad the triplets are too young to become too grief stricken.
Luis loves playing with the shape sorter trying to guess the names of the shapes as he pushes them into the holes.

Chapter 2.1- Romantic Liasons


Now I am officially an adult and the leader of this family, I decided to do some cooking. It actually went well and I gained a cooking point.


I even got the job I wanted on the first try, I have always loved to sing.


My brother broke up with his girlfriend


I started delivering sing a grams for money around time whilst I practised for actual gigs


Mum got a promotion


I did another Sing a gram


I also went dancing at a club after my agent recommended me to.


I went to the gym and had some fun trying to stay upright on the treadmill


I also love to jog


I went to visit Kathryn and we had some fun.


Mum is now teaching.