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Chapter 1.3- The Fire

Father and Son love to read together.

Mitchell got promoted

Lily did flashcards with Lyric

She also plays with him to distract him from making art on the floors

Mitchell had to put out the grill fire after Lily set it alight.

Lyric enjoyed babbling away to the bear

He also likes to run around in the yard

He was soon a child who mastered all his skills so now learns skills faster.

He enjoys making pictures to decorate his room with

He also likes making music but I don’t believe his parents like the music

Mitchell got promoted

Working on the garden.


Chapter 3.3- Triple the work, Triple the fun

I got a award for my great investigating skills
Some of my cases are weird like finding out if Emily’s crush feels the same but at least I get experience
I grilled some hot-dogs
Improved my cooking
Anna went into labour and had my triplet sons, Santiago, Diego and Leonardo.
Time passed, the boys were very affectionate and loves being hugged and played with.
They were four months old when Anna told me she was leaving to go deep undercover and that she didn’t know when she would be back. My boys like me would have to grow up in a single parent household, I was very angry.
My mum was a great help with the boys, I still haven’t heard from Anna and the boys are nearly six months now and have started to roll over. Mum babysitted them so I could work on my cases.
They also have a cousin Jarrod

I love my boys but they are a handful, one stops crying then another starts sometimes even two at once
They do love their granny.
I got promoted