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Chapter 7.4- Bonds

Sally works on her fitness

She repairs the upstairs toilet then decides she doesn’t like handiness

Sally loves playing with the blocks

Lucy works on her daughters skills using flashcards

Lucy uses the treadmill

Shayne is a very hands on dad, he helps with bathtime even if his daughter gives him a shower

He chats with his daughter and feeds her

He supports his daughter with her learning

and plays with her

Lucy got promoted

Lenord is now a teenager

Shayne tried out skiing but decided it just wasn’t for him


Round 12, Family 23- Crazen 2

I got a lovely starter home near the mountains. I had to use most of my savings to pay for it but it was worth it.

My hard work at Uni had paid off and I was able to get my dream job straight away. It came with a great bonus too.

I started working on improving my writing skill. I want people to read my great reviews, columns, and articles after all

I did some dancing

I met the locals

I cooked my dinner and despite a few minor cuts, I did well

I went to the mountains and had fun skiing. I am now skilled enough to use the immediate slopes.

I got promoted and now can get quality art pieces at a discount

I became friends with Ty and we enjoy looking at the stars together.

I also had great fun at a bar I reviewed.

I cleaned my house

I did some reviews on the music in the art sector.