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Chapter 7.12- Passing on the legacy

Shayne enjoyed trying all the different flavors on the bubble;e blower

Sally still loves playing chess

Lucy got another raise

Shayne got promoted

Sally sent off her application to uni

She went jogging around town to clear her mind

Shayne watched some performers

The family took a short vacation to the mountains, where they had fun bonding and doing winter sports.

Sally did well and has a lot of choices for when she chooses a degree

Sally got a new Lifestyle

She is soon a Young adult and now the leader of Generation 8. She is Good. All Goals for this Generation are completed. Lucy joined the Criminal Career, and She had the Mischief Aspiration and, despite not needing to, achieved it. She reached Level 10 in her career and mastered Fitness and Logic skills. She married Shayne, had one child Sally and became Friends with Sally.

Round 12, Family 23- Crazen 2

I got a lovely starter home near the mountains. I had to use most of my savings to pay for it but it was worth it.

My hard work at Uni had paid off and I was able to get my dream job straight away. It came with a great bonus too.

I started working on improving my writing skill. I want people to read my great reviews, columns, and articles after all

I did some dancing

I met the locals

I cooked my dinner and despite a few minor cuts, I did well

I went to the mountains and had fun skiing. I am now skilled enough to use the immediate slopes.

I got promoted and now can get quality art pieces at a discount

I became friends with Ty and we enjoy looking at the stars together.

I also had great fun at a bar I reviewed.

I cleaned my house

I did some reviews on the music in the art sector.