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Round 13, Family 29- Forest 3

I got a job

I go around the different neighbourhoods and met some new sims

I try all types of interesting foods

I meet some more people

I did some Karaoke

I love singing

I did some blogging

I worked on my singing skill

I got promoted and decided that Blogging is the way to go

I went to the Humor and Hijinks festival with dad. I did some singing, watched some comedians, set off some fireworks and tasted some new foods.

Video games are a great way to relax

I also met a Great sim called Briella and we enjoy chatting


Chapter 3.5- Birthdays

Yzioru enjoys singing

Udjex enjoys playing with dolls

Yzioru potty trains her youngest

Udjex becomes a child

Iron becomes a teenager

He enjoys dancing

Yzioru did some cleaning

Yemi helps with repairs

Yzioru mastered parenting

Olive becomes a teenager and Yemi a Young Adult. He moves out

Yzioru gardens

Chapter 2.16- Bye Nicky

Nicky played some pranks

I took the boys to the summer festival which was great fun. I am going to miss these times
I am well known and lots of people attend my gigs
Seb played chess
I went swimming
I played chess with Nicky
I did some repairing
The boys went to Prom
Nicholas became an Young Adult and moved out.
He soon adopted a kitten
And joined the local newspaper.
I did some repairing

Chapter 2.4- The Tour

I got offered a chance to go on tour, Mum and Dad offered to look after Nicky for me so I wouldn’t have to drag a three month old around the country.
They sent me lots of pictures, Nicky loves his grandpa, he gave him his first smile.
Mum tells me, she now teaches twelve year olds and it’s a very different experience from teaching the younger children.
She also tells me, she is doing a lot of reading.
Kathryn got her dream job, I wish she would acknowledge Nicky but she says it’s too soon, she hasn’t even come to visit him.
Mum loves to feed Nicky, she says she has missed having babies to cuddle
She even loves bathing him and he enjoys it too and has even started splashing.
I returned from tour and told the record company, I won’t be going on any more until Nicky is in school, I missed his smiles and cuddles. I don’t want to miss his walking and talking too.
Mateo and his girlfriend are having problems.
I played for tips outside the coffee house
Dad played some music in a play
My Gig at the coffee house went well.