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Round 12, Family 10- Fujita

Cain is very artistic and enjoys being creative making a variety of art to put around the house.

My wife only has to take one class this term to graduate and waits until the boys are in school to work on her term paper as they distract her.

The boys love thier grandmother and spend a lot of time with her whilst I am working and Cara is at class. They enjoy talking about school and thier lifes with her.

My mum dosen’t let her age stop her from keeping in shape and enjoys running on the treadmill.

I had to repair the bathroom sink as it had broken and was spraying water everywhere

Cain enjoys dancing

Camron is a big help around the house and does the dishes without being asked.

My wife enjoys cooking dinner for the family

She chats with her brother

The boys work on thier school projects

My wife enjoys dancing

My wife helps with repairs around the house

I get promoted

My mum goes out dancing with some friends

Cara helps Cain with his homework

She can be a big kid at time and enjoys running around in the rain

My mum died of old age in the gym of all places.

I took my wife and boys in the mountains for a few days. We attended some festivals and ate some new foods as we bonded as a family.

I write a paper for work

I am going to be a dad again, My wife is expecting our third child. I hope we have a girl this time.


Round 12, Family 8- Herrington

My Baby Sister Coral is finally a Young Adult. She decided to move in with our two older sisters Star and Nova so you will see her later on in the round.

I needed to improve my painting skill for work so did some painting. I even finished my art and sold it.

My wife is still planning to the best mixologist in town and enjoys showing off and practising great bar tricks.

My eldest is a great help around the house and loves to clean

She also loves to dance

I did Flashcards with Ian, I want him to do well in life.

Ian also loves to play with dolls

He is quite smart and is able to count the blocks as he builds with them as well as name some letters.

My wife has mastered the mixology skill

Ian is no longer a toddler. He is now old enough for school. He likes to make people laugh and gains skills easily, he even mastered all his toddler skills.

Ingrid is a good student. She does her homework straight after school and does her school projects as soon as she recieves them not leaving them to the last minute.

Ian is a good student too and always does his homework without needing to be reminded.

My wife finally joined me in adulthood

I repaired the dollshouse before our son returned home from school and found it broken. My wife was a bit angry and decided to smash it.

Ian loves to dance and is always learning new moves that he likes to show off to everyone.

I reached the top of my career

I can’t believe my baby girl is old enough to date but she is and she has started dating Neil Nakamura.

My wife achieved her dream.

Round 12, Family 7- Barbosa

Hi everyone and welcome back, I decided to take the whole family on a trip into the mountains for some family bonding time. We had lots of fun skiing even if we fell a lot and playing in the snow making snow pals and snow angels.

Soon it was time to head back home, Raymond headed straight for the toys

I did some yoga , I am becoming quite flexible with it.

Me and Mum both decided to cook dinner.

Mum soon joined dad in the afterlife.

I did some repairs around the house.

I helped Renald with his homework

Raymond loves to swim and uses the lounges as obstacles to test his skill as he swims around them.

I decided to browse the web

Raymond enjoys playing the piano.

Our holiday had a little souvenir, Me and Rina had done a lot of bonding down there, Meet our daughter Reisha.

I did some dancing

I spent some time with my daughter, she needs a lot of attention and I am glad I sold the business and can be at home with her.

Renald has recently started learning to cook and thankfully hasn’t burned the house down yet.

He also loves to dance but I do wish he would get dressed first.

Me and Rina are still as close as ever and enjoy watching the clouds together.

Raymond now thinks he is a bear and loves to wear this costume everywhere even to school. I don’t now how he isn’t hot dancing in it though.

My wife is doing great at work too and was soon promoted.