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Round 12, Family 10- Fujita

Cain is very artistic and enjoys being creative making a variety of art to put around the house.

My wife only has to take one class this term to graduate and waits until the boys are in school to work on her term paper as they distract her.

The boys love thier grandmother and spend a lot of time with her whilst I am working and Cara is at class. They enjoy talking about school and thier lifes with her.

My mum dosen’t let her age stop her from keeping in shape and enjoys running on the treadmill.

I had to repair the bathroom sink as it had broken and was spraying water everywhere

Cain enjoys dancing

Camron is a big help around the house and does the dishes without being asked.

My wife enjoys cooking dinner for the family

She chats with her brother

The boys work on thier school projects

My wife enjoys dancing

My wife helps with repairs around the house

I get promoted

My mum goes out dancing with some friends

Cara helps Cain with his homework

She can be a big kid at time and enjoys running around in the rain

My mum died of old age in the gym of all places.

I took my wife and boys in the mountains for a few days. We attended some festivals and ate some new foods as we bonded as a family.

I write a paper for work

I am going to be a dad again, My wife is expecting our third child. I hope we have a girl this time.


Round 11, Family 10- Fujita

Cain loves to dance

Mum is now an elder

Cara enjoys reading our sons to sleep

I repaired the stereo and improved my handiness to Level 2

Cara worked on Camron’s thinking in the bathroom

My wife and little sister are quite close and love to dance together

Lucille soon had her birthday and moved in with her boyfriend Cody Crazen.

Mum still loves to work out

She decided to retire

I got promoted

Mum did some cleaning

I helped Camron to use the potty

The boys have their own interests but still like to play alongside each other.

Soon, they were old enough for school, Where has the time gone. Cain loves music and Camron is wary of touching and eating new things.