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Round 13, Family 9- Chauhun

My daughter decided that she likes spooky music

All my hard work at Uni paid off and I got my dream job

I achieved my aspiration too

Mum did some cooking

She also danced

My wife worked on the rocket

Mum enjoys swimming

Tippei entertains himself

Chad is doing great with the potty now

I did flashcards with him too

I also did some cleaning

my wife got promoted

I had my birthday

Chad loves the new play tent that we got for him and Cathy

he is also very active and loves the slide

My wife plays dolls with Chad

Chad also enjoys playing with blocks

My wife enjoys jogging around town

and using the gym

Chad loves playing with the dogs

Cathrine likes to be creative using a variety of materials to create art

She also loves playing with dolls too

mum died of old age

I got promoted

My son had his birthday and is now a child. He is quite cheerful.


Round 12, Family 9- Chauhun

Lily is already a elder.

My wife has graduated but I still have a term to go so I started working on my presentation. I do not want to fail any more classes.

Catherine is getting more independent by the day and now loves to play my herself with the dolls making up stories around them.

Lily still loves to play with the balls but now she’s older lays down and rolls it between her paws.

I work hard on my term paper well I try too but sometimes my daughter likes to come over and chatter away and I get distracted but soon I was able to put her down for her nap, I was able to edit my paper and turn it in.

Catherine woke up from her nap but was busy playing with her toys in her room so I was able to get all my homework done.

My wife is Pregnant again, I hope we have a boy this time who can take on my family name when he comes of age.

My daughter loves to dance and seems to constantly be learning new moves.

At the moment Catherine’s favourite toy is the blue bear and she takes it everywhere with her.

Mum cleaned the bathroom.

My wife finally felt well enough to get out of bed, She decided to make pancakes for breakfast

She doesn’t let her pregnancy stop her sitting down with Catherine to play with dolls, she doesn’t want our daughter to feel left out.

We finally caved and got our daughter a tablet. She loves to play the drawing game on there. We do limit her time using it though.

My mum did some dancing

My wife got a job

My wife and daughter love to dance together.

Catherine was soon a child. She enjoys her own company.

She is a big help around the house and enjoys mopping

I did some repairs around the house, Everything seems to be breaking down

Cathrine enjoys chatting with friends

She is also quite artistic and enjoys making crafts and collages using a variety of different materials.

Soon it was halloween and we had a great time telling spooky stories, carving pumpkins and dressing up.

Our son Chad was also born on halloween and now our family is complete.

My wife and daughter still love to dance.

Our Son Chad was soon a toddler who likes cusing mischief and making everyone laugh.

Lily sadly died of old age

Chad loves to babble away to the unicorn

I did some repairs in the bathroom.

Round 11, Family 9- Chauhun

I work on my university coursework as does Cora

I work on my presentation

I improve my cooking

I then have to repair the stove

My daughter Catherine is born.

I am so glad my mum and wife get on so well

The puppies have their birthday.

Catherine is a very curious toddler who loves to explore the world around her

We started on potty training

I mastered the cooking skill

Cora repaired the stereo

We lost turtle

Cora did another repair

Cathy loves to follow the dogs around and copy them for some reason

My Mum mastered the handiness skill