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Chapter 5.12- Babysitter

I did the washing, with two young children, it really piles up

I chatted with my wife

Tracey did some inventing

I snuggled my son

My Son is a little escape artist and is forever getting out the front door. My wife is quick and always gets him before he gets too far and tickles him.

We are very hands on parents and spend as much time with our children as possible but soon we will have to hire a babysitter as we are going back to work.

When the children are sleeping, we like to sit on the porch together and watch the stars.

Tina has got so big and is now a toddler, She is good and Artistic.

Our babysitter is quite good and both children love her. She takes good care of them too and they are happy when we get home from work.

Soon my wife found out she was expecting our third child

Tracey started teaching Tina to walk.

I am doing great at work too and am now in management