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Chapter 9.14- Prom

Alex plays with her son

she also works on her charisma skill

Kenneth and Alex are still quite romantic

Aurora went to prom with Robi. They spent a lot of time together, had their first kiss and he became her boyfriend.

Kenny upgraded the fireplace to fireproof

He encouraged his son’s music

Lucky played

Kenny and Bryson had a pillow fight

Archer became a child and rolled the daredevil trait

Alex got promoted


Chapter 9.10- Birthdays

Aurora works on her homework

Bryson does some sculpting

Alex works out

Kathy does some reading

Aurora and Robi become best friends. They also enjoy playing tag and telling Ghost Stories

Kenny and Aurora have a pillow fight

Alex and Aurora chat

Aurora pretends to be a racing car driver

Kathy gets promoted

Kenneth repairs the kitchen sink

and spends some time with mittens.

Archer is born. He rolls the Virtusco and loves the outdoors traits

Kathy and Bryson become elders