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Chapter 9.15- Goodbye Dragon Valley

Kenneth reads skill books as bedtime stories to his son continuing the family tradition

Aurora does some exercise

Kenneth enjoys chatting with his daughter about his former adventures

Alex does some exercise

Aurora goes on dates with her boyfriend

Kenneth repairs the kitchen appliances

Alex gets promoted

Aurora is now a Young Adult. Her final trait is hot headed and she wants to be an astronaut

She goes on a date with Robi and they get married

The Family then pack up and move to their new home in Roaring Heights.


Chapter 9.14- Prom

Alex plays with her son

she also works on her charisma skill

Kenneth and Alex are still quite romantic

Aurora went to prom with Robi. They spent a lot of time together, had their first kiss and he became her boyfriend.

Kenny upgraded the fireplace to fireproof

He encouraged his son’s music

Lucky played

Kenny and Bryson had a pillow fight

Archer became a child and rolled the daredevil trait

Alex got promoted