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Chapter 9.7- Ending the generation

Val did some cleaning. She wanted to throw a pool party and I said she could if she did some chores too.

Val’s party went great and she made lots of new friends. Some even decided to do homework.

My sink broke but luckily my son was around to fix it

I had my birthday

I am so proud of my kids

I am also proud of myself, I have achieved my dreams

I did some painting

I played chess with Emil and taught him some new moves

Val has a best friend now, Meet Candy

Emil enjoys painting too

Soon the twins were 18 and Emil will now take over for the last Gen.


Chapter 1.23- Family News

I got promoted
Rosa got a date to prom
4 (2)
Alex mastered his athletic skill
5 (2)
I got another promotion
Me and Alex watched tv together
Mateo got offered a job at the theatre
He also adopted a cat
I went to a pool party and had fun playing foosball
Mateo started dating
Me and Alex had a pillow fight
He went to visit the sick kids at the hospital to give them a art lesson.