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Chapter 2.9- Starting School

The boys soon had a birthday. Nicky tells me he doesn’t eat meat anymore.7
I did a show at the school for a charity benefit.
I also got a gig at the local karaoke bar.
Nicky played some Chess on the computer
Sebastien decided to nap on the floor.
Nicky improved his logic
Sebastien loves to be tickled.
Nicky went to his first day of school
Dad has become quite the gossip
Jammie despite being eight months pregnant has started dating again
She soon went into labour and had the triplets, Two Boys Casey and Lee and a little girl Elena.
I went to visit to meet my new niece and nephews.


Chapter 1.2- Promotions and Tips


I worked hard and soon my hard work paid off. I got promoted, good thing too as our bills needed to be paid and we already had to sell the computer once to pay them.


Alex is doing well too and soon was earning quite good money from his tips, enough for groceries anyway.


We continued to develop our skills as the better the skills, the more money we could earn.


Alex soon celebrated his first promotion. All them hours of playing music even in the rain had paid off.


He had begun to get some fans too who would dance as they paid him for his music, maybe soon, we would be able to renovate the house some more.


My thinking skills were developing well and I was already halfway through the logic skill.


Alex being artistic loved to paint on our balcony and soon developed his skill.


I am doing well at work and soon got another promotion with a good bonus too.


Alex loves to talk about his music with other people.


He also has started learning to cook and cooks for us on the day, I get stuck at work.


We still find time to get some romantic time in

Chapter 4.1- Finding Fairies



Daisy got a job as a fortune teller


She made an Igloo


She went on a fairy search

She went on a trip to France and learnt a new skill, Nectar Making


She met up with Arlo once returning and they had some fun in the igloo before the sun melted it


Conner used the treadmill and maxed his skill


Holly used the miner


Daisy searched the skies and improved her logic


She got promoted


She went to the library to do some skilling.

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She went to the festival too and had lots of fun

Chapter 3.5- Adorable Toddlers


Delia became a toddler and she had her granddads eyes too.


She is such a daddy’s girl and loves when he plays and cuddles with her.


Declan enjoys practising chess


He also loves creating potions at the chemistry table

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The Family moved to Sunset valley into this lovely four  bedroom home.


Conner did some working out

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Cute toddlers


He enjoys cooking for the family in their new open plan kitchen


Declan loves pretend play especially being the king bossing his subjects, or the dinosaur scaring his sisters.

The triplets became children. Daisy is Unlucky, Dana a Couch Potato and Daniel is a Coward.

Chapter One- A new start


Anabel and Marcel grew up in group homes in their home town St Stonien and even there were the odds one out with their colourful skin, hair and eyes. They were sixteen when they found out about the town on La Sola where many colourful sims had emigrated to and where they lived in peace without ridicule so they waited and soon earned enough from their waitressing and shop assistant jobs to move. They packed up their sparse belongings and took a plane to their new designation. They managed to even have a quiet wedding before they left.

They couldn’t afford much on their savings after the plan trip and the fees so they bought this little shack and hoped soon they would get jobs hopefully ones they liked this time. Ana always wanted to be a doctor and Marcel a Athlete and they wanted lots of kids to spoil with love.


They both took a taxi into town to look for work, Luckily there was plenty as this town was newly bluith, made by an eccentric billionaire a colourful sim to support all the colourful sim live a normal and abuse free life like he wished he had had. Ana got a job at the local hospital in their organ transport facility and Marcel got a job at the stadium in their advertising and fan department.


Marcel loves the local gym, it’s calm and peaceful and only open to people who want to workout, no coffee shops here, nope. He needs it as he needs to be strong and fit if he wants to become a famous athlete one day.


Anabel was feeling a bit stressed so went to blow off some steam at the local beach, she enjoyed splashing in the water with a nine year old fairy.


She needs logic to be a good doctor and a successful one of course so spends a lot of time practising chess at the local library.

Marcel decided to try to cook and actually made some delicious mac n cheese without burning it


He loves to jog in the cool mornings around town


Anabel does well at work and was soon promoted to the Hygiene department of the hospital ensuring patients don’t catch deadly infections

She and Marcel now 25 decided it was time to start their family, they want five children after all

Ana was soon promoted again and moved to the emergency department and working for the ambulance service. Marcel got his 1st promotion and now serves drinks and food to the customers at the stadium.


With the money, he and Ana earned, he was able to buy a chin up bar to do exercises at home so he can be around when the baby arrives.