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Chapter 8.4-Careers

Kenneth enjoys playing with dolls

Bryson works hard on his inventing

Kathy practices with the guitar

Jarvis does some designing

Hannah earned some money

as did Brandi

Hannah dies of old age

Kathy gets promoted

Kenneth plays with toys

Kathy gets another promotion and now actually gets to be on stage even if she still spends most of her time behind the scenes.

Bryson mastered the Inventing skill

He also unclogged the toilet

and watched tv with his mum

Bryson changed careers

He did some painting


Chapter 8.3-Toddler Fun

Bryson is famous

He works on his inventing

Jarvis gained a new trait

Kenneth became a toddler

Bryson tickled his son

Kenneth enjoys playing with blocks even if he prefers to taste them rather then create with them.

Bryson started teaching his son to walk

He did some inventing

Kenneth played with a robot

Byrson started teaching his son to talk.

Bryson enjoys playing computer games too

more bonding time with his son

Jarvis started potty training his grandson

Kathy repaired the bath

Chapter 8.2- Skilling Fun

Bryson started an ice sculpture.

Jarvis used the computer

Bryson improved his sculpting skill

he also repaired the bathtub

and had fun with his wife

Bryson got promoted

Kathy used the computer

and chatted with Hannah

Bryson did some cooking

Kenneth was born. He rolled the Perceptive and heavy sleeper traits.

Bryson is a hands on dad

he enjoys inventing

and playing computer games

he went searching for scraps at the junkyard.

and repaired the dishwasher.

Chapter 4.3- Hobbies

I brush Heidi

I found a new hobby

I went to the junkyard to collect some scrap for my inventions

I set myself on fire

I also needed to recharge

Dad played some pool

I found a much safer hobby

Heidi plays in the bath

I spend some time with her

Dad becomes an elder

I play some foosball

I have a pillow fight with dad

I work on my charisma

Chapter 3.8- Bye Declan and Good Luck


The sink broke down so of course Holly had to fix it.


Delia has become really interested in science lately and loves using her brothers chemistry set to experiment.


Daisy found out her boyfriend cheated on her so they split up


She soon met Arlo on a blind date set up by one of her sisters and they hit it off.


Conner loves to play in the snow


Holly did some inventing


Daisy and Arlo became official


Declan decided to hang out in the yard


Dana did some painting


She also improved her cooking skill


Holly made a snowman

Declan turned 18 and moved out to start his adult life