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Chapter 6.16-Passing the Torch

Eleanor and Samuel watch tv together

Lilith and her husband have a daughter Phoebe.

Lucy decides that Kids music is not for her

She enjoys listening to music as she does her homework

Lenord becomes a child. He loves Music

He enjoys dancing

Eleanor chats with some friends

Lucy trolls the forums

Lazora has triplets

Samuel achieves his second aspiration

Lucy becomes a young adult and will now be leading the legacy. She is a Genius. All goals for this generation are completed. Samuel married Eleanor and completed the Soulmate Aspiration. They never got divorced and hired no Maids. They had six children, two of which were twins. Samuel read to the children every Sunday. He attended Lilith’s and Lazora’s Weddings. He also completed the happy family aspiration. He never worked and all his children got a’s as children and teens.


Round 13, Family 7- Barbosa

My wife is finally an adult

Reisha becomes a toddler who loves to hug

I started potty training her

Raymond is now an Teenager. He thinks the world revolves around him and loves extreme sports and wants to be the best.

He loves doing his homework on his baby sisters bed even when she is sleeping in it

Reisha works on her skills

My wife does her programming

Reisha loves playing in the tent

Renald has decided he likes songwriter music

he also likes keeping in shape

He is a great big brother too and enjoys spending time with Reisha

We had a lovely time at Winterfest. We decorated the tree together, sung together, ate a meal together, and enjoyed opening presents.

My eldest is already 18, where has the years gone. He is childish.

He got a job with a local agency doing catering. He wants to be a famous chef and he says this will get him in the door.

He then met up with his Girlfriend Kathy and got engaged and married. My son doesn’t waste any time. They moved in together and are now Family 30- Barbosa 2 in our advancing world.

Reisha loves to play with blocks

My wife loves programming

Family dance party

Raymond loves the snow

Reisha loves her mum and will run to her every day when she comes in from work

We took a small vacation in the mountains and had lots of fun trying out new sports. Raymond even started learning the basics of rock climbing.

We soon returned home and my wife got promoted. She now gets to choose the jobs she takes on.