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Chapter 4.3- The Hobby House

The hobby house was finally completed with four floors of skilling and hobby equipment.
Building the house had taken most of our savings and with Caroline still on maternity leave, it was up to me to bring in some funds so I played for tips in the park.
Dad has still got it even though he is approaching his birthday and loves to beat me at frisbee.
Caroline likes to play in the sand
Matias is already a toddler, where has the time gone

I started on his toddler skills right away
I kept on auditioning for gigs, some I got, some I didn’t and I kept practising my craft

I also went on tour despite the fact my wife was pregnant again, she didn’t tell me until I got back. She took our son to the festival and they went on an Easter egg hunt again.
She did some repairs too
I got back just in time for my daughter to be born. We named her Isabella.
Caroline says Issy is to be our last and loves to cuddle with her.
Matias loves chewing up his dolls.