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Chapter 7.6-Skills

Sally is very curious and loves to go exploring in bookshelves and cupboards

She still loves her blocks and can spend ages building towers and then knocking them down

Sally also loves it when her daddy spins her round and round in circles

Shayne loves the rock climbing wall and can spend hours climbing up it and trying different challenges

He also loves relaxing in the hot-springs

he soon gained a new lifestyle

Shayne and Sally enjoy playing with the dolls together

Lucy is doing really well at work

Lucy loves to programme

Sally had her birthday and is now an genius

She enjoys beating both her parents at chess


Chapter 7.3-Interests

Lucy works on her logic

Shayne finds a new hobby and loves it

He works on his writing

A rock-climbing wall is bought for the House, and Shayne loves using it

He is doing great at work too and is soon promoted

he is getting better at rock climbing and almost makes it up onto the ledge

He does his work tasks

Lucy goes into labour, and the heir Sally is born

A Mural is bought for the house, so Sally always has someone with her

Shayne goes hiking and meets some fascinating creatures

He finds some music he likes

Sally becomes an Independent toddler

Sally is just such a little cutie

Shayne and Lucy enjoy decorating the tree. Sally enjoys eating great food, and opening presents as well as running off with the decorations.