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Chapter 20- Dancing Fun

  1. Total Stats: 10/24 children
  2. Boys: 7/12- 5 to go
  3. Girls- 3/12- 9 to go
  1. Girl 1- Beatrice- YA- Moved out
  2. Boy 1- Bernard-YA-Moved out
  3. Boy 2- Benny- YA-Moved out
  4. Boy 2- Barnabus- YA-Moved out
  5. Boy 4- Brandon- YA-Moved out
  6. Girl 2- Bianca-Teen
  7. Boy 5- Blake- Child
  8. Boy 6- Baxter- Child
  9. Boy 7-Bailey- Toddler
  10. Girl 3- Barbara- Toddler

Bianca cooks breakfast

Alice is pregnant with her 11th child

Blake and Baxter are doing well

Jack uses the treadmill

he repairs the sink

Bailey becomes a child

Alice plays dolls with Barbara

Baxter also plays with the dolls

Bianca cleans

Baxter wants to be a ninja

Bianca becomes a young adult and moves out

Barbara plays with toys

Baldwin is born

Alice is soon pregnant with her 12th child.

Blake becomes a teenager

Alice dances with her sons

Baldwin becomes a toddler