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Chapter 4.7- The New Heir

Xgbqip loves art and wants to become a purveyor of potions

He and Charlene are now dating and soon kissed

Dulce is Ambitous, she moved out

Xgbqip did some experimenting

fun in the snow

Javier is neat, he moved out too

dancing fun

Emery hates children and moved out too

Udjex became an elder

He retired

Xgbqip is a Foodie and will be leading Gen 5


Chapter 4.5- Sibling Love

Miranda does some painting

Udjex has his birthday

Xgbqip hugs his sister

he does flashcards with his mum

Ugne enjoys singing

She also likes cleaning

Emery is erratic

Ugne was soon a teen. A cheerful one

Emery and Xgbqip are still as close as ever.

Ugne does some cooking

Xgbqip loves to be outside

Chapter 4.4- Graduation

making snow angels

working on homework

and school projects

The heir is born, Meet Xgbqip

imaginative play

Ugne is more into science

Xgbqip is a charmer

Yzioru died

potty training by dad

Udjex finally graduated

Javier is outgoing

Udjex got a job as a lawyer

Javier plays with toys.

Chapter 4.3- Toddlers

Ugne was soon a child. She loves dogs

she also likes to dance

Udjex repaired the dolls house

he passed another term

Yzioru is a big help with childcare

Javier is an angelic toddler

Ugne plays with dolls

toddler cuteness spam

Emery is born

The final baby

Table tennis fun

Miranda got promoted

Dulce loves to read books and Emery is a Charmer