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Chapter 9.8- The Final World

Kenneth spends some time with Mittens

Then he heads off to Egypt where he explores some tombs avoiding traps, finding treasures and searching for items.

Aurora becomes a child and rolls the daredevil trait

Mittens plays

Kenneth brushes the cats

Kenneth heads back to Egypt for some more adventures and gains enough points to get a level 2 visa

Aurora plays in a leaf pile

and does some painting

Kenneth plays with Mittens


Chapter 9.5-Adventures

Aurora is soon a Toddler.

Kenneth has to head to France to finish an Adventure from China. Whilst he has done that, he uses the rest of his time there to go on some French Adventures and soon gains Visa Level 1

When he returns home, he teaches his daughter to walk

and talk

he also snuggles and chats with her

Then it’s potty training time

Aurora enjoys playing with the dolls house

and the play table

Kenny returns to China and gets the final visa level.