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Chapter 3.6- Family

Molona decides to play video games after a hard days work of being the queen

Keon enjoys telling his family stories about who the ghosts he has met, found and captured.

James still loves to keep in shape

Molona had a great recital and all the family came, Keon watched the whole thing and hugged his daughter before going on to work aftyerwards.

The years fly by and before you know it, Little Molona was a beautiful teenager if a bit dramatic.

Molona wants to be an actress and was so happy when she managed to get a small part.

Keon bought his daughter a car and then taught her to drive, Molona managed to learn and get her license all in one afternoon

Molona is quite close with her grandfather, they enjoy playing kicky ball

and shuffleboard together

Keon is still hard at work catching the spirits

Soon his hard work pays off and he gets another promotion

James enjoys going out dancing

Keon decides to go fishing


Chapter 3.5- Awards

Abram got a new job

Abram and Jane decided to try for another baby

Jane got an award for her hard work

Jane is getting so good, she can even get rid of actual ghosts.

She soon received another award.

She did some repairs

and the dishwasher

Jane was soon expecting her second child.

Adam is a Brave child.

He likes pretending to be a Dinosaur and scaring everyone with his roars

He wears the costume everywhere he can even to play in the treehouse

and on the rocking horse

Jane got promoted