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Chapter 3.10- Passing the Torch

James enjoys playing chess on the computer

Keon relaxes in the hot-tub

Kristine decorates the business offices with her paintings.

Keon gets a makeover

and runs until he can’t no more

He also enjoys playing shuffle board

James dies of old age

Keon persuades this ghost to move on.

Keon got an award from the mayor

Keon decided to buy a sports car, a very expensive one

He also mastered the Athletic skill

Keon is soon over his crisis

Molona becomes a Young Adult and will now be leading this challenge, she loves her family and wants to be rich and famous.


Chapter 3.8- Prom

Molona just has to find a unique way to do everything even bowling

Molona and Abel had a great time at prom and even became offical.

Kristine loves to play kicky ball

Keon enjoys stargazing and soon was able to find and name a star.

Molona finds video games a great way to relax after a hard day at school and work

James made some great pancakes and won some money.

Chapter 3.7- Hobbies

Molona still finds the floor the most comfortable place to do her homework, at least this time, she’s inside

She has started dating too, Meet Abel. They love to go bowling and go on outings to parks.

They are even going to prom together

Molona’s love of the child oven has done her well and she is able to cook for herself and the family without burning the house down

Molona also loves to run on the treadmill even if she spends more time trying to balance then running

Despite all the falling, Molona still managed to impove her skill

She snuck out the house to have a tour but found it quite boring and ran off to search for faires

Molona got a part on tv

She loves to jog around town

James loves to dance

Kristine loves to paint